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As anyone who has ever been in a serious relationship knows, the early months are filled with milestones that serve as indicators of how committed the two of you are to making things work.

And judging by the speed with which Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker are zipping past those milestones, it seems these two are genuinely head over heels for one another.

Yes, if you’ve been to Travis or Kourtney’s Instagram page in the past couple of months, you know they enjoy sharing their love with the world.

Kourtney and Travis on Vacation

And while lots of folks are rooting for this couple, at least one of person would like to see the relationship come to a swift — and preferably messy — conclusion.

We’re talking, of course, about Shanna Moakler, Travis’ second wife, and the mother of his two children.

Shanna has been outspoken in her criticism of Barker’s new relationship.

Photo via Instagram

She’s complained about Travis and Kourtney’s constant PDA on social media, and while we can empathize with her plight — after all, no one wants to see that much of their ex’s new relationship — it’s worth noting that Shanna and Travis finalized their divorce in 2008.

Not only that, Shanna is in a serious relationship with a guy named Matthew Rondeau, but for some reason, Travis’ love life is keeping her up nights.

Fans have pieced together some theories about what’s really going on here.

Photo via Instagram

The most popular explanations are that Shanna is thirsty for some free publicity, and that she’s jealous of Kourtney’s relationship with her kids.

It seems to us the safest bet is that she’s killing two birds with one stone.

Shanna is probably not a fan of the fact that her kids are loving Kourtney’s presence in their life — but she probably doesn’t mind the fact that she’s making tabloid headlines again.

Photo via Instagram

Lately, Shanna has been feuding with Alabama Barker, her 15-year-old daughter who is unabashedly a huge fan of Kourtney.

The latest insult came in the form of a pic of Travis and Kourtney riding a carousel at Disneyland that the Blink-182 drummer posted on Instagram this week.

Alabama commented with a single word that’s sure to drive her mother up a wall — "favorite."

Photo via Instagram

Is she saying Kourtney is her favorite? Are Kourtney and Travis her favorite couple?

We can’t say for sure, but making matters worse is the fact that Atiana De La Hoya — Shanna’s daughter with boxer Oscar De La Hoya — also commented on the pic … with a string of heart emojis. Harsh!

“Everybody thinks my mother is amazing,” Alabama wrote on Instagram earlier this month.

Photo via Instagram

“Matthew is nothing but awful to her. Not only that, but he cheats on her. My mom has never completely been in my life," the teen continued.

"Can you guys stop painting her out to be an amazing mom? Did your moms ask to see you on Mother’s Day [because] mine didn’t? I’m done keeping it a secret, reality shows.”

We can see why Shanna might be feeling a little resentful these days, but it seems that her problems run much deeper than Kourtney’s relationship with Travis.