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Back in 2011, Courtney Stodden first came to the public’s attention as a result of their marriage to Doug Hutchison.

Courtney was 16, and Hutchison was 51, and they later revealed that they felt forced into an abusive marriage against their will.

Despite the shocking circumstances, the media mostly treated Courtney’s marriage as a joke, which no doubt added to the trauma they experienced during that time.

All of this makes Courtney’s courage in coming out as non-binary all the more impressive.

Courtney Stodden Comes Out

Yes, Courtney took to Instagram today to explain that they would prefer to be referred to using gender neutral pronouns.

"They/them/theirs. I don’t Identify as she or her," Stodden began.

"I’ve never felt like I ever fit in anywhere. I was bullied horribly in school because I was different. The other girls never understood me," Courtney went on.

"It got so bad that my mom pulled me out of school," they added.

"And still, i don’t fit in. I never really connected with anyone my age. My spirit is fluid with a kaleidoscope of color. #bekind #beopen #loveyourself"

We’re sure Courtney’s fans appreciate their honesty in coming forward about this aspect of their life.

Courtney Stodden Smiles in the Warm Light

And who knows?

Maybe some of those folks will be inspired to open up about their own gender identities.

Whatever the case, it seems that Courtney is receiving a great deal of support from their Instagram followers.

Courtney Stodden Thanksgiving Selfie

"I’m about to f-ckin cry you are truly amazing and such a beautiful soul," wrote one commenter.

"Live your truth baby!!" another added.

"Hell yeah dude!!! Being nb rocks," a third chimed in.

Courtney Stodden Drinks Mimosas

"So so happy to see you finally taking control of your life and being yourself," a fourth follower observed.

This is the latest in a long line of revelations about Courtney’s struggles

“I was scared to live without a man who convinced me that I couldn’t live without him nor would I ever find love again,” Stodden recently told Us Weekly about their marriage.

“I am working on myself every day.”

Courtney Stodden in Rose Pink

In the past, Courtney has been open about their struggles with anxiety and depression.

“I feel too much. I soak up too much energy from myself and others. I love too deeply. I’m extremely insecure. Terribly childlike and vulnerable,” they wrote on Instagram in December of 2017.

“This is me and my struggle with depression. But I have faith I’ll prevail. If you’re a sufferer of anxiety or depression – know that you aren’t alone.”

Courtney Stodden Still

Hopefully, coming out as non-binary will serve as a step toward greater self-acceptance and mental health.

As millions of people know, feeling as though you’re living as anything other than your true self is sure to result in feelings of profound sadness.

That’s why it’s such a big deal when someone as influential as Courtney steps forward and becomes a living example to others.

Courtney Stodden New Look Photo 2

The model and actress has been through a great deal in their 26 years, and they’ve endured most of it in the public eye.

But fortunately, all of those trials and tribulations have not diminished their courage or dampened their spirit.

We look forward to this new chapter in Courtney’s career.