Josh Duggar Sexual Assault Survivor Speaks Out: He Ruined My Life!

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The news that Josh Duggar was arrested on child pornography charges has been dominating tabloid headlines for several weeks now.

All of the renewed scrutiny on the most depraved member of TV's most depraved family has led the public to re-examine the past.

Specifically, the many ugly incidents that Jim Bob and Michelle's eldest child has previously been involved with over the years.

And sadly, it's not a short list.

Danica Dillon and Joshua Duggar

The most appalling, of course, was Josh's molestation of five young girls - four of them were his sisters, and the fifth a family babysitter.

But given the horrific nature of these child-related crimes, there's another sex scandal involving Josh that's often overlooked.

And its victim is just as scarred and angry as anyone else whose life he's destroyed.

Dillon, Danica

Back in 2015, a former adult film actress and exotic dancer who went by the name of Danica Dillon accused Josh of sexual assault.

Dillon claimed that Josh paid her for sex, but then instantly became violent as soon as they were alone together.

She described being punched and choked and forced into acts to which she did not consent.

Josh Duggar Ashley Madison Profile Pic

Eventually Dillon sued Josh, but her civil case was thrown out of court due to a lack of evidence.

Dillon has spoken out about Josh's child porn charges, stating that she's not the least bit surprised by the news that he's still engaging in predatory behavior.

These days, Dillon -- whose real name is Ashley Johnston -- is trying to move on from her association with Josh, but she's finding it difficult to do so.

Danica Dillon at Wal-Mart

She's gone back to using her birth name, Ashley Johnston, and for a time, it looked as though her new career as a corrections officer offered a stable future.

But alas, it seems that Johnston might always be haunted by the specter of Josh.

"Josh Duggar and everything that happened with him is still having a hugely detrimental effect on my life," she told UK tabloid The Sun in a recent interview.

Danica Dillon Moves On

"It ruined my marriage, I've been fired from jobs," she says.

"I get bullied in every aspect of my life. Anytime anyone finds out who I am or what my past is."

Johnston says many of her problems come from Duggar obsessives who accuse her of taking part in the family's downfall.

Danica Dillon in 2021

"I still get emails and messages from crazy Duggar-worship fans, telling me how horrible I was for trying to break up that family," she said.

"Even my Tik Tok posts get taken down and my account shut down because his fans complain about my videos, even though they are not explicit and everything is covered up," Johnston continued.

Ashley says that she feels Josh has received unfair special treatment throughout his life, and his current legal battle is no exception.

Danica Dillon Poses For The Camera

"Whereas he seems to be able to get away with anything - even molesting his own sisters," she told The Sun.

"Even with these current charges the courts just opened up to him and said, 'Here you go, we'll release you and you can go on seeing your kids' - knowing darn well what he's accused of.

"It's white male privilege at its worst and it's unfair."

Duggar, Joshua

Johnston says she was fired from her job at a correctional facility due to her past involvement in a high-profile tabloid scandal.

"I had told my direct superiors about my history in adult entertainment and they were very supportive but I hadn't told anyone my stage name," she claimed.

"Then I started having issues with one of my co-workers - this lady was just really nasty to me from the beginning."

Her Eyes Are Up Here, Josh

"Then I found out the woman I was having issues with had been telling everyone I was a porn star and threatening to pass around photos of me doing sexual acts. They were calling me 'd--k sucker,'" Johnston continued.

She compares that treatment to the many, many breaks that Josh has received in his life.

And that's not a short list, either.

Danica Dillon Cleans Up Well

"I have four children and I would never, ever as a mother allow anyone to be around my kids that has done what he has done to his own family members," Johnston said.

"Some of his kids are the same age that his sisters were when he molested them," Ashley pointed out.

"Now he's alleged to have downloaded rape and child porn but is still allowed to see his kids whenever he wants, just as long as the wife is there."

Josh Duggar at a Game

It's not clear if that's actually true, but we see her point just the same.

Johnston says that coming forward with her allegations against Josh continued to impact her life in negative ways - but she still has no regrets about doing so.

"Speaking out about what Josh Duggar did to me has really destroyed my life in so many ways," she told The Sun.

Josh Duggar Mistress

"But I'm not saying if I could go back, I wouldn't speak out because I feel he needs to be held accountable," Ashley continued.

"And if he's guilty of these current charges he needs to go to prison."

"There needs to be justice served for any person that he may have harmed."

Joshua Duggar

Josh is currently out on bail, and his criminal case is set to begin in July.

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