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Several weeks ago, Avery Warner’s new face stunned fans; she looked genuinely unrecognizable.

(Seriously, some 90 Day Fiance fans insisted that they were being pranked with another woman’s face)

But several cruel memes have looked past Avery’s lip fillers to mock and body-shame her … more intimate features.

As fans get mean about her labia, even people who don’t care for Avery are speaking out in her defense.

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Like numerous other 90 Day Fiance stars, both past and present, Avery Warner looked to monetize her fame.

After things fizzled out with Ash Naeck, she wasn’t exactly likely to continue with the franchise.

Not necessarily popular enough to make big bucks on Cameo alone, Avery turned to OnlyFans.

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That, it seems, is how photos of Avery’s genitals began to make the rounds on social media.

Avery has singled out and blamed some of Instagram’s best known 90 Day Fiance meme queens for distributing the photos, an accusation that has been strongly denied.

It is always a shame when photos are leaked to those who didn’t subscribe to see them, but the actual leaker is assumed to be one of her subscribers.

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But that was not the end of this.

Some who saw the photo decided to remark upon Avery’s genitals.

They posted photo after photo of deli meat sandwiches, clearly designed to represent Avery’s labia.

When we say that this is one of the much, much tamer and less explicit memes, we mean it.

(Honestly, this may be intended to torment and mock Avery, but is anyone else just craving Arby’s?)

There are a couple of important things to be said about this.

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First, most people who aren’t literal children know that vulvas in general come in a whole variety of looks.

Some labia are more pronounced than others, and this is just very normal for an adult with a vagina.

One doesn’t have to have seen Avery’s bits personally to recognize how deli meats in a sandwich might resemble genitalia.

Photo via Instagram

It is clear that these memes intended to mock Avery’s genitals are also hurtful to many others.

This is always the case with body-shaming, by the way.

Make fun of someone’s boobs or size or, yes, their labia, and you’re also insulting a bunch of random other people.

Photo via Instagram

Just because Avery is a bad person doesn’t mean that everyone with traits in common with hers is bad.

And yet plenty of other people are being body-shamed right alongside her, unintentionally.

Body-shaming is just never the way to go, as Kalani Faagata has pointed out.

Late on Monday night, Kalani took to Instagram to respond to the vicious memes aimed at Avery.

"So now it’s funny to bully women over what their labia looks like?" she asked in her Instagram Stories.

Kalani also noted that Avery’s racism, pro-fascism statements, and conspiracy theories are not an excuse.

Kalani Faagata Looks for Gifts

"I don’t agree with that cast member’s political views either," Kalani admitted.

"But," she emphasized, "that doesn’t justify harassing and body-shaming her."

"Meme pages are supposed to poke fun at people," Kalani noted, "not humiliate them."

Avery Warner and Taj

"What the f–k is wrong with some of you?" Kalani asked incredulously.

That is a very fair question.

Avery also allegedly took to DMs to call out the blogger whom she seems to blame for distributing the leaked OnlyFans image.

There, she threatened legal action — and it looks like she is continuing to blame this particular blogger.

It should be noted that distributing OnlyFans photos without permission is not permitted by T&S of the site and also seems illegal.

Avery cannot do anything about the memes, but those distributing photos without permission may be in trouble.

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Instagram user @mommy_says_bad_words, however, has strongly denied that she is the distributor.

She notes that the photo has been in broad circulation for weeks, easily found via a simple internet search — and she’s right about that.

As useful as the internet can be for so many things, it can also make it so that stolen intellectual property is impossible to put back under wraps.

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Still, this whole thing is a shame. If fans don’t like Avery, that is more than fair, considering who she has chosen to be as a person.

There are plenty of perfectly valid criticisms to levy against him.

The appalling, evil bulls–t that she spews freely online is damning all by itself and hardly needs commentary.

But Avery’s racism, her apparent QAnon leanings, and her love for disgraced former president Donald Trump are right there.

So why are people taking aim at her (perfectly normal) genitals with cruel memes?

At times, it seems like some people don’t ever stop to think about the memes that they share. It’s 2021; enough is enough.