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Long before the child pornography charges that landed him behind bars, Josh Duggar was involved in numerous other sex scandals.

The most notorious of these was the revelation that Josh molested five young girls, four of whom were his sisters.

But that’s not the only time that Josh’s appalling sexual misconduct could have landed him behind bars.

Danica and Josh

In 2015, an adult film star named Danica Dillon accused Josh of sexual assault.

She alleged that Josh frequented a strip club where she worked and eventually offered to pay her for sex.

Dillon claims that during the paid encounter, Duggar engaged in numerous non-consensual acts, including hitting and choking her.

Dillon, Danica

Dillon sued Duggar for $500,000, but she eventually dropped the lawsuit.

On Tuesday, Dillon spoke out for the first time about the allegations that have landed Josh behind bars.

She says that given her experiences with Josh, she’s not the least bit surprised by his latest predatory behavior.

Danica Dillon at Wal-Mart

"I’m not shocked by it. I’m not shocked in the least. He’s been a disgusting man his entire young adult life," Dillon told UK tabloid The Sun.

"I know who he is, millions of people have read who he is, but he’s never faced any kind of repercussion, any kind of justice."

While it’s true that Josh has managed to evade prosecution that may soon change.

During Duggar’s bail hearing today, it was revealed that he stands accused of possessing video and 65 pornographic images depicting girls as young as five years old.

Dillon says that she was assaulted by Duggar after an evening in which he first paid her for $600 in lap dances.

"There was no intimacy, it was ‘get naked now, get down on your knees,’" she recalled.

Danica Dillon and Joshua Duggar

"There was no warning, the back of my head was grabbed, his d–k was shoved into my throat and it was hard, hard, hard, with no remorse, no nothing."

Dillon says she was frightened by the change that came over Josh as soon as he had her alone.

"Almost as if the look in his eyes went black. It was terrifying," she stated.

Josh n' Anna Duggar

"I was thrown up on the bed, put in multiple different positions, his hands around my throat.

"At one point I tried pushing off and his entire body was on top of me with his penis in my mouth and I couldn’t breathe. I couldn’t even gasp for help," she added.

"It was just so intense. It was one of the worst encounters in my life I’ve had sexually."

Danica Dillon Cleans Up Well

Danica claims that when she attempted to sue Josh, she found herself facing the full brunt of the Duggar family’s legal team.

"One of my friends was my attorney, I knew this guy personally. I didn’t have the income to take on TLC or the Duggar family," she stated.

"There were Uber receipts, they were trying to use that as evidence he could have been nowhere near me. But everyone knows I could get an Uber for Tom, Harry, Paul, Frank, to take an Uber in New York 10 blocks down the street," Dillon continued.

Danica Dillon Unfiltered

"I am just one individual person that cannot take on an entire team, and that sucks in the justice system so bad."

While there’s nothing that can heal the trauma experienced by people like Danica, hopefully she can take some solace in the fact that Josh might finally be facing justice.

We’ll have further updates on this developing story as more information becomes available.