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Farrah Abraham has been showing off her new face in recent social media content.

It is not going over well, especially with her latest looks.

Farrah has clearly seen the pushback and seems to be trying to "fix" her face.

It’s not working out for her.

Farrah Abraham on Video in April 2021

Farrah took to Instagram to show off her "softened" makeup look.

She wore a blonde updo and her lips were glossy.

Clearly, Farrah was using a filter because her makeup looked almost cartoonish.

But filter or not filter, fans remained horrified by her most recent work.

"Calm down on the surgery," implored one fan, "can you not see your lips are hanging all different directions?"

Opined another: "Farrah looks like a haunted blowup doll. I swear I’m gonna have nightmares."

"WTF did you do to your face?" another critic exclaimed.

"I’m all for looking how you want to look but I honestly think she’s got a problem," observed another.

An additional fan wrote: "Why do you use always a filter on your face! All that surgery…"

Farrah's Face in 2021

Farrah is certainly not the only alum of Teen Mom who has had some work done.

Some of the stars from the franchise have very bluntly documented their procedures.

But most of them still look their ages, underwent a finite amount of work, and kept the same face.

In contrast, Farrah has once again been branded "unrecognizable" by fans.

She repeatedly goes in for procedures that she clearly does not need.

Sometimes it’s unnecessary vaginal rejuvenation or whatever the hell she has done to her face.

Farrah Abraham with Blonde Hair

Farrah has also distorted her appearance in ways that make her look older.

Her filters may make her look like a children’s cartoon.

But the actual procedures have taken their toll on her face.

Farrah Abraham and Sophia Abraham Match, Play Golf

Farrah is 29 years old.

In some of her photos, fans observe that she looks like she might be pushing 40.

This is not the natural aging process, but an effect of how Farrah has altered her looks.

Honestly, as is always the case with Farrah Abraham, it is hard to draw the line:

How much of the criticism of her is only being voiced because she is widely reviled?

That is not to say that she does not deserve to face criticism, however.

Farrah Abraham in Graduation Gown

Farrah is known for her toxic, racist outbursts.

Her infamous word salad and unhinged rants may be due to an undiagnosed cognitive problem.

But the content of what she says — the racism, the vitriol — is due to malice, not disability.

Farrah is also frequently targeted with criticism for her appalling parenting.

She uses her daughter, Sophia, as a prop to promote products and most frequently to promote her brand.

Instead of letting Sophia have a real life at a real school, she takes her to superspreader events hosted by disgraced former presidents.

Farrah Abraham Masked Up

It’s true that, sometimes, Farrah is targeted for criticism that she does not deserve.

There is nothing wrong with sex work, for instance, even if none of us particularly want to see Farrah naked.

But whether criticism is fair or unfair, Farrah would see less of both if she could muster the will to become a good person.