Brandon Gibbs Discourages Julia Trubkina's Job Goals, Gets Dragged by 90 Day Fiance Fans

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Julia Trubkina and Brandon Gibbs were still in Vegas on this week's 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After?

But not every part of their celebratory vacation has been a dream.

Fans are fuming over Brandon's dismissive attitude.

It seems like he's stomping all over Julia's dreams. It's beyond disrespectful.

Julia Trubkina - I never want go back farm

Like everyone else, Julia has good ideas and bad ideas, good qualities and bad qualities.

Her desire to not return to living on a farm in the middle of nowhere with her in-laws is relatable.

But fans did understand when Brandon wasn't onboard with her proposal to live in Vegas.

Julia Trubkina - I mean, live here?

Fans understood when Brandon told Julia that Vegas wasn't realistic.

He's certified to work at his pest control technician job in Virginia, not in Nevada.

Visiting Vegas and living there permanently are very different things.

Julia Trubkina - but last night brandon shut down my idea

Julia made it clear that she accepted that he said "no" to Richmond.

But she expressed that her biggest fear was that Brandon was a little too comfortable at the farm.

No matter how miserable someone is, it can be easy to get "stuck" with a living situation when it's all that you've ever known.

Julia Trubkina - I worry maybe Brandon happy stay farm all life

Brandon and Julia went to dinner, where he helped her read the menu.

He demonstrated how well he knows his wife when he quickly highlighted sushi for her.

Julia very relatably loves sushi, and said as much.

Julia Trubkina - oh my gosh I love sushi

When they discussed the idea of where to live, Brandon pushed for a compromise.

He suggested the Richmond area -- something that we here at THG had stated was realistic long before this aired.

That way, he could continue with his current job and certification but Julia wouldn't have to live in the middle of nowhere.

Brandon Gibbs suggests moving to Richmond (for his work)

Julia once again emphasized that this is a good plan.

She hasn't seen many cities in the U.S. because she's only been here for a matter of months.

At 227k people, Richmond isn't a massive city, but it will be a breath of fresh air compared to that farm.

Julia Trubkina - we go live for Richmond; this is fine for me

Her concern, Julia explained, was that Brandon sometimes doesn't follow through.

She worries that he will continue to postpone their move from the farm.

If Julia doesn't nudge him about this, they could end up living with Betty and Ron for years to come.

Julia Trubkina - but him need don't step back

Julia now has her work visa, and is gearing up for her green card interview.

She is excited at being able to work (a real job, not wallowing in muck along livestock).

Her idea? After their beautiful wedding, she'd love to be a wedding planner.

Julia Trubkina - I want to try for wedding planner

Brandon's reaction was beyond discouraging.

He told her that her spoken and written English isn't good enough for the job.

He also implied that she might "ruin" someone's wedding day if she pursued this now.

Brandon Gibbs is hurtful and discouraging :/

The one nice thing about what he said was that he affirmed that her English was good ... for a non-native speaker.

Fans didn't necessarily disagree with Brandon's assessment of where she falls short.

But the way that he spoke to his wife about her plans struck a nerve with viewers and it hurt Julia's feelings.

Julia Trubkina - sometimes I need, like, him support me

"Is he for real?" exclaimed one fan on social media.

Another went further, calling Brandon an "evil little man" for crushing his wife's dreams.

Brandon was also called a "terrible and massive jerk" for his overly negative reaction.

Julia Trubkina and Brandon Gibbs Kissing Selfie

Some fans speculated that, consciously or not, Brandon is afraid of Julia succeeding.

Whether it's a pride thing or fear that she'll make more money than he will and leave him, fans are unsure.

But it did seem that he felt threatened by her work plans. Weird, right?

Ron Gibbs thinks that Brandon is too submissive to his wife

Others pointed out that, not for the first time, Brandon's lips were moving but the words seemed to be not his own.

Brandon has, in the past, spoken in ways that sound like he's echoing his parents, Ron and Betty.

Remember when he admonished Julia to "stop lying" as she cried in the church where they later had their wedding?

Brandon Gibbs says stop lying, she cares or she wouldn't be crying

Brandon has spent 28 years being spoken to by Ron and Betty in a certain way.

It seems clear that he has never been allowed to feel confident, or to make his own choices.

His parents are very discouraging people -- and that's where Brandon learned to be this way.

Ron Gibbs gets ridiculously angry

But Brandon is an adult, now.

He needs to unlearn those toxic traits from his parents, or he'll be just as bad as they are.

If he doesn't, it could cost him more than just his marriage.

Brandon Gibbs and Julia Trubkina at the Beach

Brandon could have responded to Julia in a more positive way without stomping all over her ambitions.

"That's great! You'll probably want to fine tune your English and learn some industry-specific vocabuluary, but we can start work on that now!"

Setting goals for how to accomplish something is good, encouraging, pragmatic. Dismissing your wife's job goals is not.

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