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Isabel Roloff doesn’t have time for your hate.

Yes, she’s read your comments.

Yes, many of them make her very sad.

But not for the reason you may think.

Isabel Roloff Insta Photo

The former Little People, Big World star has unfortunately been dealing with fat-shamers for awhile now.

She’s been dealing with them in the best way possible, too, typically shrugging off their negativity whenever it pops up in her timeline.

This time around, however, Roloff took the trolls to task in a more in depth way than usual, trying to get into their heads… while also providing insight into the way she thinks and feels.

Isabel Roloff on Her Gram
Photo via Instagram

"Today I read the comment, “Not shaming, but Izzy is very large compared to how she portrays herself in her Instagram photos," wrote Roloff to open her lengthy message.

"And my heart sank," she added.

"Not because it hurt me personally, but because how sad for them.

"They probably have a mother, cousin or friend who struggles with their body image and this is their thought process."

Isabel Roloff and Jacob and Jackson

How very true, isn’t it?

Isabel is thankfully comfortable with who she is at this point.

However, it says a great deal about the insecurity of others when they sign online to denigrate total strangers.

"One minute they say not shaming, and the next minute they are actively fat shaming. This is where we are at still," she continued.

"A person existing in their body is open for discussion. As if people living in bigger bodies owe it to the public to show off their most unflattering angles."

It’s worth noting here that Roloff deals with anxiety and mental health struggles.

We applaud her for speaking out in this fashion.

"Naturally, I would like to appear smaller," Roloff admitted candidly.

"This is because I’m still working through years of internalized fat phobia in my own mind. It’s interesting because this is actually something I think about all the time."

How so?

"Meeting new people from the internet gives me so much anxiety, because that’s all I think they will notice," she explained.

Wow, she looks different than her photos. Because obviously.

"We’re only going to pick flattering photos of ourselves, or at least that’s still how I use this space.

"Maybe I have been doing myself a disservice all along."

Isabel concluded as follows:

Maybe it’s time I stop hiding here to appear smaller, because in the end that is MUCH deeper than my body size.

So here’s a photo of me, at an angle I don’t find particularly flattering, laughing so hard you can see my double chin which appears every time I laugh.

Because joy over perfection is what really matters to me more anyway.

Isabel Rock in a Hat

A perfect response, isn’t it?

Among those who appreciated it? 

Mother-in-law Amy Roloff.

Jacob Roloff and His Wife, Isabel
Photo via Instagram

"love the dress. You are beautiful. We all are and even more so on the inside," wrote Amy as a comment to Isabel’s message.

"LOve ‘Joy over perfection is what really matters’. Joy in our heart that is not dependent on circumstances."

AMEN all around.