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Tiffany Franco and Ronald Smith met, fell in love, had a baby, and got married.

They did have a problem of being from different countries, with a future together uncertain.

More recently, the problem of Ronald being a deadbeat dad has surfaced.

90 Day Fiance filmed many months ago. Are they still together after such a messy season?

Tiffany Franco explains her current frustrations with Ronald

On the Season 6 premiere of 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After?, things were looking grim.

Tiffany visited a divorce attorney and went over the current problems in their marriage.

Even if the attorney’s involvement was just a venue for TV reasons, things were bad.

Tiffany Franco relates her Ronald troubles

Tiffany and Ronald had been physically apart for eight months due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

This left Tiffany living in America with their 22-month-old daughter, Carley, and her 11-year-old son, Daniel.

Ronald was of course home in South Africa as they both continued to wait for an update on his spousal visa application.

Tiffany Franco explains why things aren't good right now (tickets)

The time spent waiting on his CR-1 visa had come with other problems.

The prolonged long-distance nature of the marriage put a real strain on things.

Compounding the issue was Ronald’s lack of support, leaving Tiffany as the sole provider for 3/4 of their family.

Tiffany Franco meets with divorce attorney

“I am all alone left to face everything and be responsible for everything," Tiffany lamented on the episode.

"Ronald right now is not emotionally supportive, he’s not financially supportive," she confessed.

Tiffany noted: "Not once does Ronald offer, ‘Hey, let me buy diapers for Carley.’"

Tiffany Franco with Carley and Daniel

"’Hey, let me send her some clothes. Or let me send you money for clothes,’" Tiffany would have liked to have heard.

Instead, she shared, she had heard "nothing" of the sort.

"And that’s so frustrating because that’s not only my responsibility," Tiffany affirmed. "I didn’t make this baby alone.”

Attorney Emphasizes That They Try To Do What's Best For The Kids

The attorney, there as a prop or not, did his job.

In this case, this meant advising Tiffany that he felt that these issues could be resolved through counseling.

He emphasized that in his business, they try to always think of what’s the best outcome for the children.

Ronald Smith to Tiffany Franco - how the hell do you decide that last minute?

Tiffany agreed to marital counseling.

She did, however, set a boundary with Ronald after months of paying for everything herself.

Tiffany canceled her tickets to South Africa that she had bought herself — because it was time for Ronald to contribute.

Ronald Smith - she's using my past against me

Ronald was very upset with Tiffany over this, going so far as to accuse her of being "spiteful."

From his perspective, he felt like he was doing as well as he could in the South African job market.

He had been taking odd jobs, and made sure to get filmed painting a garage … though the camera also got an eyeful of his bike.

Ronald Smith on his freshly fixed up motorcycle

Ronald had recently spent thousands of dollars fixing up his motorcycle.

This did not go unnoticed by Tiffany, who had been living with her mother to save money.

Tiffany used the funds from the canceled tickets to secure a new home for her, for Carley, and for Daniel.

Ronald Smith - you just wanted spending money for your place

This of course is also meant to be the future home of Ronald, too.

But that is not how he felt, as he accused her of buying "a lot of furniture" as if he would not benefit.

And meanwhile, Tiffany’s mother weighed in.

Maggie mom of Tiffany Franco gets a life update

Tiffany’s mom was quick to point out that Tiffany might be on the wrong path.

She’s an amazing mother to both of her children.

It could be, her mother suggested, that Tiffany’s best path to happiness did not involve Ronald.

HEA Season 6 Promo - Ronald Smith - know your place

And in previews for this season, that was looking very true.

Viewers saw Ronald be rude and confrontational towards Tiffany when she visits him in South Africa.

Ronald is a handsome guy and the two clearly love each other, but … love by itself just isn’t enough.

Tiffany Franco Claps Back

However, in December of 2020, Tiffany documented a trip to see Ronald.

She also gushed over him in a Valentine’s Day tribute just three months ago.

Looking at what she wrote … it seems likely that they worked through their issues, as the attorney suggested.

Tiffany Franco Valentine's Day 2021 Tribute to Ronald Smith

"To my forever valentine: Thank you for always pushing yourself so do better for us," Tiffany began.

She wrote: "Thank you for waking me up with kisses, coffee every morning."

Tiffany continued: "telling me I’m beautiful every single day."

Tiffany Franco discusses why things needed to change

Tiffany thanked him for "making me feel like a 10 even when I’m looking a mess."

She praised Ronald "for being the best dad, and doing better every single day."

"For loving my family like your own even though you’ve only met my sister….for so much," Tiffany gushed.

"I love u papa bear….." Tiffany expressed.

She added: "Oh wait yea most importantly thank you for always watching @rupaulsdragrace with me."

"And," Tiffany concluded, "accepting that this is just who I am hehehe."