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For several months now, Scott Disick has been dating Amelia Hamlin, and despite the massive age difference between the two, it seems that the relationship is progressing rapidly.

But to this day, when Scott’s name is mentioned in the media, it’s almost always in connection with his the mother of his children, Kourtney Kardashian.

Part of the reason for this is the fact that recent episodes of Keeping Up With the Kardashians have shown Scott confessing that it makes him uncomfortable to see Kourtney with other men.

Scott and Kourtney in 2021

But even after KUWTK comes to an end in a few weeks, fans will almost certainly think of Scott and Kourtney in terms of their relationship with one another.

These days, Kourtney is dating Travis Barker, and insiders say she’s never been happier.

That’s great news for both them, of course, but it seems that happiness has come with some major sacrifices.

Scott, Kourt, Travis

Kourtney and Scott enjoyed a cordial, productive co-parenting relationship for several years, but it appears that that might be coming to an end.

According to a new report from E! News, Scott has been consciously stepping away from Kourtney as her relationship with Travis has become more serious.

“Scott has really distanced himself from Kourtney recently,” a source close to Disick told the outlet.

Scott Disick and Kourtney Kardashian on KUWTK

“Of course they are still cordial when it comes to the kids, but they aren’t hanging out as much or doing things as a family. The communication has become strictly about the kids.”

The insider added that Scott is not surprised by the turn of events, but he still finds it difficult to spend time with Kourtney, knowing how close she is with Barker.

“It’s uncomfortable for Scott to see Kourtney in a serious relationship, although he knew this day would come,” the source added.

Scott, Kourt and Kids

“He is glad she is happy, but it’s definitely been hard on him. He doesn’t like to bring it up and it’s a weird convo for him.

"At one point, the family was really encouraging Scott and Kourtney to try the relationship again and it’s a bit of an eye opener for him, that it’s truly never going to happen.”

Another source says that despite Scott’s relationship with Amelia, he’s been holding onto the belief that he and Kourtney would eventually reconcile.

Scott and Kourtney: Back On?

But it seems that Kourtney’s relationship with Travis has led Scott to the conclusion that that ship has sailed.

“Before Travis, Kourtney and Scott were together a lot and of course now that has changed," the insider said.

"Scott has always held out hope that he and Kourtney will end up together and this is the first time he feels like someone else might prevent that," the source added.

Scott and Kourt in Tahiti

"He doesn’t want to see or hear about it, but he’s trying to deal with it as best as he can.”

It doesn’t sound like Scott will be making any last-ditch efforts to win Kourtney back, but it would be interesting to see her reaction if he did.

At any previous point since their breakup, she might have been willing to give him a second chance.

But at this point, we can’t imagine her breaking up with Travis for anything … or anyone.