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Amid talk that Sister Wives may be canceled — due to low ratings, hatred of Kody Brown and boring storylines — one cast member may have come up with an unexpected way to breathe fresh life into the franchise:

By bringing a new life into the world!

Seriously, folks:

Robyn Brown may be pregnant!

Robyn on Air

This may seem crazy upon first glance, considering Robyn is 42 years old and Kody already has 18 children — most of whom he happily ignores.

But remember just a couple episodes? When the couple openly discussed the possibility of expanding its immediate family?

"Women talk about that feeling of like, ‘Oh, I’m done.’ I’ve never really got that," Robyn confessed to her husband on this April installment, making it clear she doesn’t feel totally satisfied as a parent.

At her semi-advanced age, Robyn would be considered a "geriatric" mother by the medical community, but she’s certainly capable of having more children.

"You know when you’re young and you’re just thinking about having children and people will say, ‘How many kids are you going to have?’" Robyn said to cameras on air.

"I would always say, ‘Just as many as I’m supposed to have. As many as I’ve made promises to."

She concluded on this topic at the time, growing emotional:

"It is, it’s a big deal to me. To make sure, to make sure all my babies are here with me. That’s all."

Robyn in Pain

That was back then.

Now? Several weeks after this episode was filmed?

An Arizona resident allegedly spotted Kody and Robyn out and about this week, and confirmed the pair is expecting.

The Instagram account that shared this news, “withoutacrystalball,” advised readers to take the allegedly breaking news with “a grain of salt,” yet also shared the snitch’s story online, as you can see and read here:

“A friend of mine lives in Flagstaff and while she was working yesterday, Kody and Robyn came in to shop," explained the anonymous user.

"She told me that Robyn is pregnant again.

"I asked her how she knew and she said not only had Robyn gotten a little bigger in the belly area but her and Kody were talking about their baby to be and how excited they were to bring another baby into the world."

Again, that does jibe with what Robyn said this month on Sister Wives.

Kody and Robyn for Sister Wives

“I have some days when I’m baby hungry and I really want to have another baby," she admitted to TLC viewers, telling Kody that a decision has to be made on this topic:

"We need to decide this and now. Like, there’s a biological clock ticking. I’m not getting younger.

"We can’t sit here and stall out on this if this is what we’re going to do."

Kody could not commit one way or the other at the time.

Robyn and Kody Brown on Air

He said he was "caught in a conundrum, completely."

Kody added that raising the coupke’s four-year old Ariella has been "just a wonderful experience," but…

"At the same time, I’m caught in this conflict because Ari’s been weened for a year and she’s still keeping us up at night."

The polarizing/awful reality star cited "mental exhaustion" in helping to raise his youngest of 18 kids, even though we have some doubts over just how much of the raising he’s really doing.

Kody and Robyn Brown Together

Neither Kody nor Robyn has responded to this pregnancy report.

We’ll be sure to update this story if the rumor is actually proven to be a reality.

We’ll also go ahead and send along our early condolences to this impending little girl or boy if he or she really is on the way.

No one deserves to have Kody Brown as a father.

Robyn Brown on Sister Wives Episode

Kody and Robyn, who got legally married in 2010, share two children, Solomon, 9, and Ariella, 5.

He adopted her kids from a previous relationship — David, 21, Aurora, 18, and Breanna, 16 — in 2015.

In total, Kody shares 18 children and three grandchildren with his wives, Robyn, Jenelle, Christine and Meri Brown.