Mackenzie McKee Claps Back at Mom-Shaming Trolls: Stop Bullying My 4-Year-Old!

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Major changes in life are stressful for anyone these days. That stress is compounded in small children.

For that reason, Teen Mom star Mackenzie McKee's youngest son, Broncs, has been acting out.

Mackenzie, like the rest of us, knows that this is because he's a stressed four-year-old.

Mackenzie McKee arrives with Broncs

But when fans on Twitter labeled Broncs a "bad" child, well, Mackenzie put them in their place.

Mackenzie noted early in this week's episode that Broncs was struggling with behavior issues.

Things had escalated for the Florida family while husband Josh was gone in Oklahoma.

Mackenzie on Season 9

Josh's absence was just one of many difficult changes that were taking their toll on her four-year-old.

Like so many moms, Mackenzie found herself bringing her kids along to a meeting at her boss' house.

Unfortunately, that meeting was interrupted when Broncs was "having diarrhea" in that boss' garage.

Mackenzie McKee Reacts

Off screen, Mackenzie could be heard commenting "this is awful."

"Okay well my son just took a crap in your garage," Mackenzie stated bluntly.

She expressed: "I can't believe he just did that. What the heck?"

Mackenzie McKee Smile

"He's been potty trained for two years," Mackenzie noted. "I've never experienced this."

"They really miss their dad, and Broncs is having some behavior issues," Mackenzie explained.

"He bit his teacher and drew blood, and I can't get a hold of Josh to talk to him about it," she said.

Mackenzie McKee, Josh and Kids

"He went to work. He went on a hunting trip..." Mackenzie described.

She lamented that her  "sweet Broncs" was facing such challenges.

Mackenzie then expressed: "It's times like this where I wish Josh was here."

Mackenzie McKee's Kids

Major and minor challenges are sometimes easier to tackle when you're not parenting alone.

Later in the episode, Mackenzie was finally able to speak with Josh during a call.

"It's just been really rough with Broncs. He's got to have therapy. He's got to have help," she said.

Mackenzie McKee with Hubby

Josh was reluctant, suggesting that Broncs is just a kid and will "grow out of it" as he gets older.

That's a fair assessment, but is it just taking the easy way out in hopes of taking less action?

Mackenzie went on to declare that, as his mom, she needed to "follow her instincts for Broncs' sake."

Mackenzie McKee and Husband Josh

That meant taking the difficult route and speaking to a therapist about her four-year-old's current struggles.

She told the therapist that Broncs was "constantly showing anger, refusing to follow rules and questioning authority."

Mackenzie confessed: "and I did not realize that was quite an issue until I put him in school."

Mackenzie McKee on Sunday Morning

"And they have called me every day saying he's biting the teacher," she lamented.

"He drew blood to a kid," Mackenzie said, "and it's so bad that these kids are going home with bite marks on them."

Mackenzie also appropriately listed the stressors in Broncs' life.

Mackenzie McKee in Shape

That meant a lot of changes, including (and especially) the tragic death of Angie after a lengthy cancer battle.

Mackenzie also acknowledged her marital problems, having left Josh "several times" including the move to Florida.

The therapist explained that Broncs' behavior was regression in order to deal with the stress.

Mackenzie McKee and Photo of Mom

However, she noted that she could help provide him with better, healthier coping mechanisms.

That makes perfect sense.

Especially to those of us who understand child development or have provided childcare, it really resonates.

Mackenzie McKee Works Out

For that matter, those of us who were ourselves children may remember "oh yeah, I had a hard time coping" with something or another.

It's a normal part of being a person but especially of being a child.

Unfortunately, in the age of reality television and social media, some less understanding folks voiced their own opinions, too.

Mackenzie McKee and 3 Cute Kids

Mackenzie took to Twitter to clap back at the grown adults who were shaming her child.

"I don’t think I have the heart to tell a women that her son who is dealing with grief makes me want to never have children," she wrote.

"Y’all cold hearted," Mackenzie scolded. "Children are a blessing."

Mackenzie mcKee - y'all are cold-hearted, children are a blessing

Mackenize told another fan that Josh "tried" to stay home to help with the kids.

"I needed him to go on that trip," she explained.

"Space was a must," Mackenzie emphasized.

Mackenzie and Kids

"And my best friends came down," Mackenzie reasoned.

She continued: "So having him around would't have Been fun."

"But I don’t NEED him." Mackenzie stressed.

Mackenzie McKee Thirsty

"I am 100% not sorry for showing how hard being a mom/businesswoman is," Mackenzie wrote.

"And," she continued, "showing the raw messiness of it."

Some people still think that being a parent is easy or glamorous. It is neither.

Mackenzie McKee the Teen Mom OG

"He’s a 4-year-old who lost his nanny and dealing with that has got to be hard," Mackenzie told another fan.

"I truly did my best friend to show him grace," she emphasized.

Mackenzie then praised: "And I can honestly say his teachers have been awesome."

Don't Let This Look Deceive You

"His therapist has helped me understand his pain," Mackenzie detailed.

"He missed his dad," she added.

"And," Mackenzie revealed, "he’s doing sooo much better."

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