Kailyn Lowry Reveals Miscarriage: Was Chris Lopez to Blame?

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Kailyn Lowry is one of the most divisive figures in the Teen Mom universe.

Some love her brash, outspoken demeanor, while others have accused of being self-centered, materialistic, and quick to anger.

But no matter how you feel about her, hopefully we can all agree that Kail deserves nothing but respect and compassion this week after sharing some heartbreaking news with the world.

In Celebration of Lux

On the most recent episode of Baby Mamas No Drama, the podcast that she co-hosts with Vee Torres, Kail revealed that she suffered a miscarriage,

Lowry is not a woman who keeps many things from her fans, so the fact that she's just now talking about a painful incident from over a year ago should tell us just how traumatic it was.

While discussing her tumultuous relationship with Chris Lopez, Kail shared her harrowing secret with fans.

Kail on the Side

"It could be with women I guess or having children with him, whatever that looks like, and still wanting to include them even though they've made us cry, they've broken up with us, they've done x,y, or z, lie, they do whatever.

"And we want them to be involved with these children that we're having," she said.

"I ended up pregnant not once, not twice, but Chris and I had a miscarriage before."

Kailyn Lowry TikTok Photo

"Through all the s--t, maybe he would pick me kinda... not pick me over the child... like not in a way like I'm going to get pregnant so he loves me..."

"I am pregnant so maybe this kinda will open his eyes."

Kail admits that the decision to get pregnant was wrapped up in her complex relationship with Chris Lopez.

Chris Lopez and Son

And knowing the stress that that relationship has caused her, perhaps it's not surprising that many fans were quick to blame Chris for this particular trauma.

Some alleged that Lopez's mind games directly resulted in a miscarriage.

That might be a bit of a stretch, but no one disputes that he continued to put Kail through the emotional wringer in the early days of her pregnancy.

Kailyn is Pregnant

Others accused Chris of being insensitive in the wake of Kail's heartbreaking news and failing to support her in the way that a mature partner should.

However, Lopez's defenders pointed out that he and Kail had two other children together, and he may not have even known about the miscarriage.

They also note that Kail suffered a miscarriage during her time with Javi Marrouin, as well.

Kailyn Lowry in Glasses

“I know that there are people that are going to talk about it," Lowry said at the time but I think at the end of the day I’m going to help more people by [being open] about it."

"So that’s what kind of keeps me going through the whole thing."

It seems that she's once again decided to relive the painful incident in the hope that she might be helping someone else by doing so.

Chris Lopez In Blue

And while she'd be the first to admit that Javi and Chris were both less than ideal partners, she's not going that far.

In neither case did she blame them for creating the stressful circumstances that might have led to her miscarriage.

Will fans continue to pin the tragedy on Chris, just the same?

Almost certainly.

Kailyn Lowry and All Her 4 Sons

But this is a case where we need to let compassion overpower outrage, and set the drama of their relationship side.

Whatever you think of him, understand that news of the miscarriage may have been heartbreaking for Lopez too.

Our hearts go out to both him and Kail.

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