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It’s been over a month since Maci Bookout got Ryan Edwards and his family fired from the show that made them famous.

During that time, both Ryan and his wife, Mackenzie Standifer, have both repeatedly insisted that leaving Teen Mom is NBD.

In fact, they’ve called it a blessing in disguise and stated that they’re happy to be released from their oblogations from MTV.

Of course, fired Teen Mom cast members always say rthat sort of thing – and no one ever believes them.

Why would we? Being on an MTV reality show is a sweet gig.

The fact is, Ryan and Mackenzie will be losing out on hundreds of thousands in earnings this year.

Ryan and Mackenzie in 2021

That’s a lot of money to have taken away.

Moreover, the couple will likely be forced to get "real jobs" as a resut on their dismissal. Nobody wants that.

And perhaps worse is the fact that it was their rival, 29-year-old Maci, who put them in this position.

Maci Bookout in Blue

Maci appealed to producers to fire Ryan following a reunion show taping in which all hell broke loose.

Bookout’s husband, Taylor McKinney, nearly came to blows with Ryan’s dad, Larry Edwards.

Some suggested that Taylor was drunk, he was so heated. More likely is that he was just that mad.

We could see how things got heated in the moment, but it seems that Maci has no regrets about the decision.

In fact, it appears that Bookout is still celebrating the fact that she got Ryan and Mackenzie canned.

While she’s certainly been known to do so in the past, these days, Maci doesn’t talk much trash.

Maci Bookout in a Tanktop

Not on social media – at least not overtly.

But that’s not to say she doesn’t have ways of sending a message subtly when she feels that the situation calls for it.

Case in point: The newest item for sale on Maci’s website is a t-shirt that emblazoned with words "Petty B–ch."

The shirt immediately caught fans’ attention, and it doesn’t take a celebrity gossip scholar to know why.

Most of the items that are for sale as part of Maci’s Things That Matter clothing line are focused on positivity and kindness.

But to anyone who’s been following Bookout’s life closely in recent weeks, the shirt shouldn’t come as much of a surprise.

Maci and Mackenzie

In fact, it seems that "petty b–ch" has become one of Maci’s favorite phrases.

"I really wanted to post some ‘petty b–ch’ (and hilarious) comments, but I’ll wait until they can tell me the definition of ‘petty’ without googling it and reading it aloud," Maci tweeted last month.

That was in response to Ryan and Mackenzie last month.

Mackenzie Standifer on MTV

The phrase was infamously used by Mackenzie on a recent episode of Teen Mom OG, which would, of course, turn out to be one of the Edwards family’s final appearances on the show.

"I am responsible for these kids’ emotions and feelings, and they don’t deserve that," she said.

"It’s one thing to be a petty b–ch, fine, but when you’re including my kids, that’s not okay with me."

Mackenzie Standifer Working Out

As viewers can attest over the years, Mackenzie has quite a few petty tendencies of her own.

There’s no doubt that Maci knew exactly what she was doing when she pit the shirt up for sale.

But rather than clapping back and running the risk of proving her rival right, Mackenzie stood down.

Mackenzie Standifer on MTV

At least for now, she has chosen to keep things poitive and upbeat on her Instagram page.

She wrote recently:

"Worrying today does not take away tomorrow’s troubles. It takes away today’s peace."

Mackenzie Edwards on an Episode

In the grand scheme of things, we suppose it’s a good thing that Mackenzie has adopted that attitude.

After all, she has a lot to worry about these days.

Chiefly being married to Ryan Edwards.