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The Duggars have always been a secretive bunch. 

That’s because if the typical TLC viewer knew all the crazy things the Duggars believe, they probably wouldn’t be so quick to relax and enjoy the Counting On hijinks.

But in the past, when it came to major developments in the life of the family, the Duggars were always quick to share the news with the world.

That’s no longer the case.

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These days, the Duggars are keeping many major happenings to themselves.

Jed Duggar married Katey Nakatsu, and the whole relationship was kept under wraps until after the wedding.

Jana Duggar is in a courtship with Stephen Wissmann, and for reasons no one quite understands, the news is being kept from the public.

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And now, there’s reason to believe that Josiah Duggar’s wife, Lauren Swanson, is not only pregnant, but quite far along.

The speculation began shortly after Jed and Katey’s wedding,

A Reddit user posted some of the behind the scenes outtakes that were shared by the couple’s wedding photographer.

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"BTS Photos from Kelsi Jo Photography- the photographer at Jed’s! wedding," this person wrote.

"I can’t imagine having this many people in my family. It would be *so* overwhelming."

Many agreed with that sentiment — and a few zeroed in on an interesting detail in the group shot.

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"Took this screenshot from the Jedding photographers IG – possible Siren pregnancy?" one person wrote after posting this ultra close-up of Lauren.

"I call definitely," a Reddit user commented.

"Lauren is tiny so she probably shows early. This definitely looks like a bump to me," another chimed in.

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"If not, that is some serious bloat (she could’ve eaten gluten?) and a bad angle."

"I wouldn’t be surprised if she is tbh," a third aded.

"It’s almost their 3rd year anniversary. But I wouldn’t be surprised if she doesn’t announce it by then."

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"Lauren definitely looks pregnant here," a fourth agreed.

Now, Lauren suffered a miscarriage back in 2019, so it makes sense that she would wish to keep her pregnancy a secret during the first trimester.

But Duggar fans suspect that she’s much further along than that.

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Lauren and Josiah are already parents to daughter Bella, and they’ve been quite open about their desire to expand their family.

So if Lauren is knocked up, it wouldn’t exactly be a shocker.

And if the Duggars are keeping it under wraps, well … that wouldn’t come as a surprise, either.

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In fact, Lauren’s not the only member of the massive family who’s currently rumored to be keeping a pregnancy on the down-low.

Fans believe that Anna Duggar is secretly pregnant, and many have jumped to the conclusion that she won’t be uttering a word about her seventh baby until after the little bundle of joy has entered the world.

Again, we don’t know why the Duggars have decided to be so secretive lately, but it seems the whole family is on board with this trend.

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So if Lauren is actually expecting, we might not find out about it until she posts pics from the delivery room.

No doubt this is a very exciting time for Lauren and Josiah.

But for whatever reason, they’ve decided to keep that excitement to themselves.