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TLC made a handful of major announcements this week.

But while the cable network confirmed the return of many fan favorites, the focus of many viewers has shifted from excitement over the programs that are coming back to confusion and concern over one that might not be.

Needless to say, Duggar Nation is on pins and needles.

all these duggars

Could this be the end of the line for Counting On?!?

Just a few weeks ago, fans were treated to a special one-off episode of this long-running reality show — which, of course, chronicles the lives of some of Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar’s many kids.

It was titled "Counting On: A New Life." 

Kendra and Joseph Duggar Baby

The new special wasn’t really that new, as it centered on both the family’s Easter traditions and Kendra Duggar’s third child birth experience.

Standard. But it was never-before-seen footage, and there have been no new installments of Counting On itself in seven months.

Yes, the previous season premiered in July 2020, so there’s still plenty of time for TLC to include the program on its summer slate.

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The thing is, TLC revealed the return dates of three other reality shows this week, so there was certainly an opportunity to update us … and Counting On was not included in the press release.

Meanwhile, Little People, Big World Season 22 premieres Tuesday, May 11.

These new episodes will feautre the Roloffs hunkering down due to the pandemic… Zach trying to decide whether he wants to take over the family farm… and Amy preparing for her wedding to Chris Marek.

Photo via TLC

Elsewhere, 7 Little Johnstons kicks off a new season on Tuesday, May 25 at 8 p.m. ET.

This spring, Trent and Amber will continue to adjust as their children grow up and prepare to leave home.

They’ll be trying to figure out how to keep their family together, even if they don’t all live under the same roof, which is a challenge to which many families out there can relate.

Finally, TLC also announced a premiere date for season 2 of Doubling Down with the Derricos, which reportedly is a show that follows Karen and Deon Derrico and their 14 children.

These new episodes begin airing Tuesday, June 1 at 10 p.m. ET.

So, again, it must be asked:

What about the Duggars?!?

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It’s not as though TLC wouldn’t have material for a new season..

Justin Duggarr and Claire Spivey recently got married.

Older brother Jedidiah Duggar then followed romantic suit and surprised fans by marrying Katey Nakatsu (below) in early April.

Jed and Katey's Honeymoon
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Moreover, Kendra Duggar and Jinger Duggar have both welcomed new babies since the latest episode aired.

Overall, since the Season 11 finale aired in September 2020?

There have been two weddings, two births and one pregnancy announcement within the Duggar family.

That’s a lot, even for them.

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Heck, there’s even been chatter that Jana Duggar may finally have found a man, as engagement talk continues to swirl around her and a hot pilot named Stephen Wissmann.

To be clear, TLC has not actually canceled Counting On.

The network has just been oddly silent about its future, and this is one of those situations where no news may not actually be good news. (Of course, it’s all still unclear.)

Jana With Jessa

If no new installments ever air again? Well … they had a hell of a run. And one that you can always relive!

Fans can stream old installments on Discovery+ and select episodes are also available to watch on Hulu.

Of course, you might see this guy in those:

Anna and Josh Selfie
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Yeah, we recommend skipping the old seasons. Although speaking of Josh … are he and Anna pregnant again?

That’s what it looks like!