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When Angelina Pivarnick married Chris Larangeira, the wedding made tabloid headlines for months — but not for the reasons that the couple might have hoped.

At the reception, Angelina’s bridesmaids delivered a speech that left guests stunned and drew major backlash for Snooki, JWoww, and Deena Nicole Cortese.

The response was so harsh that Snooki quit Jersey Shore and the remaining cast members held a wedding "re-do" for Angelina and Chris on the show’s most recent season.

Vinny and Angeliners

This time, it was Vinny who gave Angelina away and delivered the toast at her reception.

Many jokes were made about Vinny’s alleged jealousy and his supposed desire to trade places with Chris.

At the time, Guadagnino was able to laugh these remarks off, but now it looks as though there might be some truth behind them.

Photo via Instagram

Earlier this week, Chris posted the above photo to his Instagram page.

“You only get one crack at this thing called life, so do whatever makes you happy. Unless it is crack, Don’t don’t do that s**t!! — PissE," he captioned the pic.

Needless to say, Larangeira was keeping the mood light, and he probably expected that his commenters would do the same.

Photo via Instagram

So you can imagine his surprise when Vinny swooped in with what can best be described as a low blow.

“Yasss Another midlife crisis post," Guadagnino wrote.

Obviously, it’s possible that this is some sort of inside joke between Vinny and Chris, but to outsiders it appeared that Vinny was taking a cheap shot at Angelina’s husband with that unprovoked crack about Chris’ age.

Drunk Vinny Guadagnino

Instagram users took an uncharitable view of the situation and jumped to the conclusion that Vinny was lashing out in jealousy.

“Vinny Guadagnino your [sic] corny just tell the guy u want his wife already it’s getting old bro,” one person commented.

“Vinny Guadagnino kinda stupid for you to post that comment on !chris_e_piss_e page. Vinny u should be all up on @angelinamtv page,” another added.

Vinny G. and Angelina P.
Photo via Instagram

“Vinny Guadagnino you just bitter,” a third chimed in.

But the most memorable comment came from Angelina herself, who jumped in to defend her husband against Vinny’s rude remark.

“Vinny Guadagnino, cornball at its finest. DONT you have love to find. Skiddadle,” Pivarnick replied.

Angelina Pivarnick Poses For Instagram

Many fans interpreted the remark as Angelina’s way of making fun of Vinny’s love life — or lack thereof.

But while there’s no doubt that she meant the remark to be insulting, it’s possible that it was more than just a random insult about the fact that Vinny is the only member of the Shore cast who’s still single.

The third season of A Double Shot at Love With Pauly and Vinny is scheduled to begin filming soon, and this time, there’s a twist.

Vinny and Pauly D on Season 3
Photo via MTV

Instead of both men seeking romance, Pauly D and girlfriend Nicky Hall will assist with Vinny’s search for Ms. Right.

So maybe Angelina was just making a casual quip about Vinny’s latest media venture.

Or maybe the feud between these two cast mates has really intensified even further.