Amber Portwood: I'm Not Going to Listen to Dumb Haters! F That Noise!

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A lot of Teen Mom fans are pretty upset with Amber Portwood right now.

And that's because ... well, it's for a lot of reasons.

Amber Portwood Celebrates

For several years now, Amber has been largely absent in her daughter's life.

Little Leah isn't so little anymore -- she'll be 13 years old this fall -- and so naturally she's starting to realize that more and more, and as we've seen this season on Teen Mom OG, she's starting to vocalize it, too.

We heard Amber complain that Leah was upset with her because she felt "betrayed" by how often she's chosen to spend time with boyfriends instead of with her, and we heard Amber insist that she needs "to look at the future, not the past."

Which, of course, is a goofy thing to say to your child when she expresses that she feels abandoned by you because of the way you've behaved for her entire life, but that's what she said.

Amber Portwood Selfie with Daughter

The thing about all of this that makes it extra weird and sad is that not only is Amber not taking responsibility for the way she's treated Leah, she's also taking issue with how Kristina, Leah's stepmother, has stepped up to raise her.

Gary has been with Kristina for years now, and they've had custody of Leah for all that time while Amber struggles to even visit her, so of course Leah feels close to Kristina in a way that she doesn't with Amber, regardless of who birthed her.

Instead of realizing that and being thankful that Kristina has done so much for Leah, she's started attacking her and telling her to "know her place," that sort of thing.

It's all a huge disaster, it really is.

Amber Portwood Teen Mom OG Picture

It all came to a head recently with the airing of the Teen Mom OG reunion special -- that's where Amber and Gary got into a little argument about this issue.

Amber, if you can even believe it, said that Gary and Kristina should help her out more, and she had a lot more negative things to say about Kristina

She was also upset because she wanted to go to therapy with Leah, but Gary wasn't so sure if that was a great idea.

She ended up walking off stage after Gary refused to back down -- well, after he refused to back down and she tried to make herself out to be a victim in this whole situation.

Amber Portwood and Gary Shirley on Set

Fans had a lot to say after that, and the gist was that Amber needs to get her act together and stop blaming everyone else for her own actions.

But in a new video that she posted to Instagram, she's made it clear that she's really not interested in any of that.

"I just wanted to say something real quick to everyone," she began, "for the people just like me, where it seems like everybody just has an opinion on your life because, you know, maybe you have a really rough past and you're at the point in your life where you're trying to pick yourself back up and actually make something of yourself and do better in life ..."

Amber Portwood Speaks on the Phone

"Opinions of people who are just negative and ignorant, it doesn't matter," she said, "because the only opinion that really matters is yours."

We'd argue that her children's opinions and feelings matter too, but that's obviously not the messaging she's going for here.

Because she also said "Knowing what you did wrong, picking yourself back up, and then sitting there and moving forward, that's something that is like the key to wisdom, honestly."

Yeah, that's Amber Portwood out here claiming to have the key to wisdom when she's on probation for assaulting her ex-boyfriend while he was holding their son, and when she's mad at everyone else because she won't spend quality time with her kid.

Amber and Leah at the Salon


"For me," she continued, "it's been a lot of different things. I've used my platform to try and sit there and help people out by just talking to them so far, but now I get to go to college."

She's talking about her announcement earlier this year that she's working on a bachelor's degree in psychology, which is truly a great thing for her to be doing.

There are plenty of worse things she could do with her time, you know?

Amber Is Losing It

She said that it "might take me eight years" to get her degree, and while that "scares the crap" out of her, "it's going to be for the better."

She concluded her message to her followers by telling anyone in a similar situation to "Just listen to yourself and keep moving."

The whole thing is that while Amber does struggle with addiction and mental illness, she'll never just admit to doing anything wrong.

She seems to think that she turned her life around in prison, and everything that's happened since then wasn't her fault because she's already changed.

It's pretty infuriating, especially when everyone in her life seems to be telling her how much damage she's doing with her relationship with Leah.

Do you think she can turn this around?

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