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Amber Portwood isn’t winning any (Teen) Mom of the Year Awards. Even she knows it.

After Amber’s recent on-screen rejection by Leah, she was fuming … at Kristina.

But at least Amber’s saving the furious, irrational rants for adults.

To Leah, she’s just promising one day "make things right."

Amber Portwood Selfie with Daughter

Amber Portwood took an uncharacteristically soft tone early this week in a message to her daughter, Leah.

"I know you are going through a lot," she began her Instagram post.

"And," Amber acknowledged, "there are many things I need to do to make things right."

Amber and Leah at the Salon

"However, I will always love you," Amber affirmed.

She referred to Leah as "my beautiful daughter."

Amber concluded her short, sweet message: "Love you and Happy Easter."

Leah and Amber Portwood

Recently, Amber received a painful but necessary reminder of her failings as a parent.

Viewers saw Leah less than enthused at the idea of inviting her mother to her birthday festivities.

Despite Gary and Kristina’s encouragement, Leah wasn’t vibing with it.

"We don’t really have, like, a bond like that," Leah expressed to her dad.

"Twelve years and she hasn’t really done anything," she observed.

Leah then credited: "That’s kind of been, like, Kristina’s spot."

Kristina was quick to characterize herself as a "bonus mom."

Her intention was to affirm Amber’s role as Leah’s mother.

And Gary stressed to Leah that "it’s very important" for her to not exclude Amber from her life.

"I don’t want you writing your mom off," Gary stressed.

He continued: "And saying, ‘I can’t have a relationship with her’ and that kind of thing."

Gary explained: "because, you know, at some point, you should have a relationship with her."

Sure enough, Leah hesitantly took the advice and agreed.

Gary sent Amber and invitation.

But Amber was clearly upset.

Wanting to blame anyone but herself, Amber’s wrath targeted Kristina.

Amber went all out in a lengthy, embarrassing Instagram comment.

"I have 1 question for her…" she began.

Kristina and Leah

"How does it feel knowing she doesn’t have joint custody of her daughter the same as me," Amber wrote.

Bitterly, she continued of Kristina: "because [she] chose this life over her."

"[She] has no excuse for that," Amber declared.

Amber Is Losing It

"Not one thing!" she exclaimed.

It gets worse.

Amber blasted Kristina: "She should be ashamed to even act like she’s such a great mother."

Amber Portwood with Young Son


We should just quickly interject that many people very deliberately do not post photos of their kids.

In fact, that is true even without custody considerations.

Amber Portwood on Teen Mom OG Season 9

It can be invasive and unsafe … especially when there are unstable personalities with legions of fans involved.

"Honestly it’s sad," Amber insisted.

"And I feel for her.. " she alleged.

Gary Shirley With Kristina Anderson

Amber went on: "Remember I use to talk to HER daughters ‘bonus mom’ and I was told everything!"

"She can’t even have her daughters name mentioned on the show!" Amber mocked.

"People come at me like I’m a mess," she said accurately of how people think of her.

Amber Portwood on Air

"When the truth is," Amber ranted, "I’ve been keeping a lot of secrets from people."

"Where’s her own daughter in any picture?" she demanded for some reason.

"Be honest," Amber prompted.

Gary Shirley, Kristina Anderson Photo

"Yes I made mistakes," Amber vastly understated.

She then claimed: "However I have changed for the better!!"

"She’s not a bonus mom," Amber insisted, revealing how much the kind gesture had struck a nerve.

Amber Portwood Gives an Interview

Instead, she declared of Kristina: "She’s an opportunist!"

Amber went on to describe Kristina as someone "who cries if Gary doesn’t by her a coach bag…."

"Truth.." Amber asserted.

Amber Portwood Up in Arms

"And it’s sad," she expressed, "she chose this over HER family."

"[She] got scared because me and Leah were hanging out more!!" Amber theorized.

"Sorry I made a mistake in the past with people," Amber once again understated.

"However," she continued, "we all know what was really going on when ]she[ cheated on her husband."

Amber then circled back to her weird fixation on publicly visible pics of kids.

"She needs to take some pictures with her kid not mine 24/7," she whined.

Leah and Amber Portwood

"I think there’s some guilt issues personally," Amber speculated

"I see her with my daughter compared to hers," she claimed, "and it’s like she’s not even there."

"I feel bad for her personally," Amber announced.

Amber Portwood Reaction

"People can take this how they want," Amber graciously permitted.

"It is the truth…she is an opportunist," she snarled, "who puts pictures of my daughter on her Instagram for clicks."

"I said my piece and I’m at peace with this personally," Amber concluded.

Amber Portwood & Leah Shirley Image

It is possible that Amber actually believes what she wrote there.

We almost hope so.

It would be awful to write something so hateful involving your own kid and do so in bad faith.