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The intense feud between Jackie and Teresa continued over long distance on this week’s RHONJ.

At the lake, the Housewives tried to talk Teresa into offering even a weak apology.

Teresa adamantly refused and became furious — warning that she was about to blow her "casket."

Humorous slip-ups aside, it was also revealed that she was not the only one to hear that nasty rumor.

The ladies of The Real Housewives of New Jersey continued their adventures at Lake George.

Well, most of them did. In light of Teresa and the rumor, Jackie remained behind.

Much of the episode was spent building up to the other Housewives asking Teresa to apologize to Jackie.

Of course, not all Housewives were on the exact same page on the issue.

Dolores Catania, for example, thought that Jackie was being ridiculous.

In her view, it only made sense for Jackie to be upset if the rumor were true.

The ladies took a van to a restaurant, and boarded one of those platform boats where you’re just at a bar on the water.

Despite some concerns about the stability, this is where Tre decided to prank Joe Gorga.

She called Joe and had him genuinely believing that Melissa had been flirting with a young, handsome restaurant owner.

Mean pranks aside, Melissa did call up Jackie, who explained her distress.

She related that because Evan works in finance, this kind of thing hurts his reputation, professionally.

We will have to take her word for it.

At dinner, they made their move.

Margaret, Melissa, Jennifer, Dolores, and Lexi (Margaret’s creative director) pushed Teresa to apologize.

To no one’s surprise, Teresa became angry — insisting that she’d apologize to Evan after Jackie apologized about Gia.

"I’m tired of this, really, guys," Teresa expressed as her anger increased.

"I swear to God, I’m gonna f–king blow my casket, I really am!" she warned.

Casket? That goof-up broke the tension and filled the room with mirth.

"Do you mean to ‘blow gaskets?’" Melissa asked as she laughed.

"No, I would hope not," Margaret continued while laughing. "Maybe a gasket."

However, the chuckles at the table did not change Teresa’s mind.

"F–k Jackie," Teresa declared, despite being in a seemingly better mood.

"I’m not ever telling her anything else again," she announced on camera, where it can one day be played back to make her look foolish.

Teresa then declared: "She’s too weak for me."

Tre had spoken earlier about how Jackie’s reaction made her "weak."

It seems that she meant that Jackie should stand up to her husband or something.

Everyone observed that it’s hard to argue that she’s "weak" when she went after Teresa as hard as she did.

As we mentioned, Teresa shut down the request to apologize to Evan to smooth things over with Jackie.

"When she apologizes to me about my daughter," she said, "I’ll talk to her husband."

Jackie was similarly obstinant on that front.

Over the phone, Melissa pushed Jackie to offer Teres an apology for the "bad analogy" about Gia.

"Oh no, no, no, no," Jackie replied. "Melissa, there’s nothing in the world that I’m sorry about."

"I needed her to understand that saying words about somebody you love is so hurtful," Jackie reasoned.

"She could have made it right," Jackie acknowledged.

"But," she complained, "she kept digging in."

Meanwhile, Teresa continued to stand her ground when it came to the rumor’s origins.

"I didn’t make it up," Teresa insisted. "It was something I heard."

"And if you don’t like it," she continued to the confessional, "too f–king bad."

That, at least, seems likely, as Teresa was not the only one to hear the claim.

Melissa admonished Teresa that she was "100 percent wrong" for choosing Evan’s party to share the rumor.

"You guys are all f–king a–holes," Teresa declared.

"I’m getting f–king attacked?" she lamented. "She was the f–king c–t that talked about my daughter!"

"Go f–k yourselves," Teresa told her castmates. "I’m serious."

It was up to Melissa to calm down Teresa, coaxing her back to rejoin the ladies.

By the fire, the Housewives enjoyed s’mores and wine until it got a little too spooky for them and they sprinted back to the house.

Photo via Bravo

The episode was titled Guys Gone Wild, and we could see part of the reason for that.

Joe Gorga hosted a poker game for the various husband while their wives were away at the lake.

Joe related the story of Teresa and Melissa’s Fake Cheating Prank played on him over the phone.

The cheating rumor about Evan also came up.

Joe Benigno, Margaret’s husband, confided: "To be quite honest with you, I have sort of heard the same rumors."

However, the men all affirmed that they were confident that Evan had not cheated, rumors or no rumors.