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On Wednesday, fans learned the shocking news that Ryan Edwards and his family had been fired form Teen Mom OG.

Shocking, yet not shocking at the same time.

That means no more Ryan, obviously, but it also means no Mackenzie Standifer and of course, no Jen and Larry Edwards.

What the heck happened?

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MTV network execs have been mincing their words, insisting that the Edwards clan hasn’t been fired … not exactly.

They’ve just been asked to "step away" officially. But no matter what they call it, in the end, the outcome is the same:

They’re done with the show that made them famous, and Maci Bookout deserves all the credit for getting them canned.

Maci Bookout on the Phone

Obviously, she’s been at odds with Ryan’s family for years, but the situation really came to a head in recent weeks.

Per her son’s request, Maci began limiting the amount of time that Ryan got to spend with 12-year-old Bentley.

Always melodramatic, Ryan publicly claimed that Maci was keeping him from seeing his son ever.

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Maci set the record straight whenever possible, but the Edwards clan forced her hand by continuing to spread lies.

Earlier this month, the situation came to a head during the filming of this year’s Teen Mom OG reunion show.

Ryan and Mackenzie refused to even take the stage with Maci and Taylor, which took things up a notch.

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It was this encounter which led to a situation in which the McKinneys filmed their segment with Jen and Larry.

Taylor and Larry nearly came to blows, and while they never actualy exchanged punches, the die was cast.

History will show that this was pretty much the end of any hope for civil relations between the two families.

Ryan Edwards Teen Mom Photo

This week, Maci really drove the nail into the coffin, but to be fair, recent events really left her with no choice.

First, there was Tuesday’s episode of Teen Mom OG.

Viewers saw Ryan declare that Maci is not allowed to keep Bentley from him (even though she very much is).

That was followed by a preview in which the 33-year-old is seen trying to turn Bentley against his mother.

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“I feel like you’re being lied to, buddy," Edwards teells the boy at one point, in the worst display of parenting ever.

Who tries to manipulate their kid to spite their ex?

Maci’s not perfect either, but that was a bridge too far, and from there, we see Maci and Taylor defending Bentley.

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“Ryan has never been there for him, but y’all put it on Bentley!” Taylor screamed at Jen and Larry at the reunion.

Not surprisingly, fans on social media unloaded on the Edwards clan, accusing them of being way out of bounds.

Much of the fan base’s criticism had to do with Jen and Larry’s decision to side with Ryan over Bentley … and logic.

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"Ryan and his parents are completely shady," one person tweeted.

"Here go Jen. y’all family is toxic and neglect Bentley. That’s a reason why he shouldn’t be over there unless he wants to," another added.

"There’s no reason for keeping Bentley from his dead beat drug abuser dad his Smart mouth wife and enabling parents?? Oh ok jen ok," a third chimed in.

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Another suggested that Ryan only pretends to take an interest in Bentley’s life so that he can remain on the show.

"Ohh Jenn go to hell! She’s not keeping him away. Ryan only asked because the producers told him he needs to at least ask about Bentley to get his check," this person wrote.

Others pointed out that keeping Bentley from Ryan is absolutely the right decision, and it seems that it’s Bentley who made that decision.

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"Look Ryan you need to STOP blaming Maci for you or your parents not getting time with your son Bentley, it’s his choice," one such viewer tweeted.

"And after what your dad said blame him. Hope you have a wonderful birthday bentley."

"Yes there is reason to keep Bentley from you Ryan! You do drugs and are a horrible father!!!" another pointed out.

"You don’t care about Bentley only your kids with Mackenzie."

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Like we said, Maci and Taylor aren’t perfect people, but the fact that McKinney spoke out about this incident – a rarity for him – and fans’ overwhelming response in their favor is quite telling.

We think it’s safe to say the people are very much Team Maci on this one!