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Leah Messer has experienced her share of ups and downs over the years, but no matter how daunting the challenge, she’s always remained committed to her children, and she frequently puts their happiness ahead of her own.

Over the years, her close relationship with her three daughters has remained one of the few wholesome and heartwarming storylines on Teen Mom 2.

These days, Leah’s twins are approaching their teens, and some viewers find themselves rooting for the girls as though they knew them personally.

Leah Messer with Daughters

Ali Simms’ struggles with muscular dystrophy have united the Teen Mom 2 fan base — usually a tensely divided group — in praising her progress and grieving her setbacks.

Meanwhile, Ali’s sister Aleeah (the name similarities must create a lot of confusion in Leah’s house) has been receiving applause of her own for being a helpful presence around the house while engaging in a number of athletic and scholastic activities.

Viewers have been effusive in their praise for Leah’s "A-Team," but this week, Aleeah became a topic of discussion for reasons that have nothing to do with her accomplishments or her pleasant demeanor.

Aleeah Simms Looks Like Her Mom

On Tuesday, a Teen Mom fan account on Instagram posted the photo above.

At first glance, you might think that Leah has decided to take up skateboarding.

But believe it or not, that’s Aleeah.

Leah Messer and Trio of Kids

Fans were absolutely blown away by how much the 11-year-old looks like her mom.

“No that’s not Leah!” read the original caption on the post, as first reported by The Sun.

“Wow twinsss," one fan commented.

“Holy macaroni!! She looks just like her mama!!” another wrote.

“Holy sh-t thats actually so wild," a third chimed in.

“I thought this was a throwback of Leah," yet another person added, basically speaking for all of us.

It’s fitting that Leah and Aleeah have such similar names, as the two of them really couldn’t look much more alike.

But while mother and daughter bear a striking resemblance, they’ll likely follow very different paths through life.

Leah is doing her best to make sure of it — and that’s a very good thing.

Leah and Kids

Obviously, Leah is doing quite well for herself these days, and she deserves a world of credit for all that she’s overcome.

But the road to success was not an easy one for Leah, and her path through life often took her to some very dark places.

Following an abusive childhood, Leah struggled with drug addiction and self-harm.

Leah Messer: Plastic Surgery Proof

She became pregnant with twins while still in her teens, and while that development earned her stardom and a lucrative TV gig, she’s been quite vocal about ensuring that her daughters avoid the pitfalls that easily could have taken her down.

Fortunately, Leah’s daughters have the advantages of a stable houshold and a mother who would do anything for them.

These days, all those diffculties that Leah encountered in her past are actually advantages, as they allow her to help her daughters avoid similar obstacles.

So there’s no denying that Aleeah’s resemblance to Leah is mind-blowing — but the best part of that pic is the contented, confident smile on her face.