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As it turns out, Kody Brown does have a heart.

He’s just chosen to prove as much during a heart-shattering time for his close-knit family.

Earlier this week, Kody’s spiritual mother-in-law, Bonnie, passed away unexpectantly at the age of 76.

The tragic news was relayed to the public by Bonnie’s famous daughter and Kody’s famous spouse, Meri.

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"76 years and 17 days was not enough time for the world to feel the beautiful spirit of this beautiful woman," wrote the Sister Wives star in a moving tribute, adding:

"This woman whose life mission was to give, to love, to serve. This woman who only knew how to do for others.

"This woman who would drop everything for you. This woman who was strong, resilient, compassionate."

"This woman who was a safe place to land, no matter where, no matter when. This woman, this beautiful woman, my mom."

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Lovely words, right?

Kody, who has not been endearing himself of late to TLC viewers, was live-Tweeting the latest Sister Wives episode when he stopped to also honor Bonnie.

“Missing Grandma Bonnie now. So sad,” the dad of 18 wrote.

“I love seeing her here on the show. Rest in Peace, Grandma! I will miss your kind way, smile and wisdom. Your passing breaks my heart.”

Bonnie — who was born on March 9, 1945 — was previously featured on a handful of Sister Wives episodes, wiith fans quickly witnessing how close she was with Meri.

Bonnie was often seen helping out at Meri’s bed and breakfast, Lizzie’s Heritage Inn.

Just this past Sunday, in fact, on an episode filmed many months ago, Meri’s daughter and her fiancee traveled from Arizona to Utah in order to offer Bonniie a helping hand.

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In her own loving tribute, meanwhile, Meri gushed over her late mother and celebrated the time they were able to share together.

"She left us suddenly, unexpected, and extremely way too soon and I literally don’t know how I’m going to do the rest of my life without her," wrote the TLC personality.

"Mom, I love you beyond the words I can express here, but I know you know that."

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Concluded Brown:

“You are missed, and I know you are so happy celebrating on the other side with dad, hugging your daughter and son who left us too soon, reuniting with your parents, and getting to know your dad."

“Love them all, hug them all, and be happy.

"Or rather, just continue filling that space around you with the light that you always do.”

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Meri’s latest Instagram post led to a multitude of heartfelt messages from friends and family, as well as sister wife Janelle Brown, whose mother, Sheryl Lee Brown, passed away at the age of 76 in December 2020.

“I will miss [Bonnie] so much!” Janelle remarked.

“She has been such a big part of my life all these years.”

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Kody, for his part, spent most of this past Sister Wives installment telling viewers that he never really forgave Meri for trying to date outside of their marriage in 2015.

"From that experience, Meri and I sort of saw our marriage just dissolve," he said on air, adding that he no longer has "any romantic inclinations within our marriage."

We still think Meri should leave Kody.

But it was nice to read his tribute to Bonnie here and to be reminded that he still has some warm feelings deep inside his cold soul.