Kim Kardashian: I Never Boned Drake, Alright!?

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In some ways, Drake is the exact sort of person with whom Kim Kardashian would sleep.

Not because of his talent or his personality.

But for at least one other distinct reason.

Kim Kardashian Eyewear

Despite this fact, Kardashian went on record over the weekend in response to growing chatter that she's the woman Drake sings about in the song "In My Feelings."

It all started with a Twitter user - someone with WAY too much time on his hands - who wrote a lengthy thread of messages explaining why he believes "Drake's been telling us for months now he slept with Kim K, we just haven't been listening."

Here is an except from that ridiculously detailed thread:

kim explanation

This got plenty of other folks talking about the topic, including Nick Cannon and DJ Akademiks.

In an Instagram video shared by The Shade Room, DJ Akademiks alleges that the 37-year-old reality star hooked up with Drake at some point.

Cannon - who dated Kim back in 2006 - agreed that there might be something to the rumors, saying:

“As a fan, stepping back, there’s something real personal Drake holds over that whole family, that he’s like, ‘Ya’ll don’t want me to let this out.'"

As the woman accused of taking it from Drake, however, Kardashian stepped in and actually left a comment on this footage.

"Never happened. End of story," she remarked in response to the video.

never happened

Oh, well. There we go then, we suppose.

In one section of the track, "In My Feelings," Drake refers to Kiki. This is a nickname some close to Kim use for her, while it is also the color of one of her KKW Beauty lipsticks.

That's pretty flimsy evidence for a bedroom romp, of course, but Drake also lives pretty close to Kardashian in Calabasas and raps on this single:

I crept down the block, made a right, cut the lights, paid the price.

While the subject of the song has not reached Becky with the Good Hair levels, people on the Internet have still been speculation over the person at the center of it.

Drake Goes Red

We don't have an answer to this question.

We just believe Kim when she says nothing never, ever, ever happened between her and Drake.

Prior to marrying Kanye West, Kardashian famously dated such stars as Cannon, Nick Lachey, Reggie Bush, Miles Austin and Kris Humphries.

She was even married to the latter for 72 days, which will never not be hilarious.

So if she's willing to go that far with someone such as Humphries in public, we're pretty sure she'd be cool with the world knowing she slept with Drake at some point. If it were true.

Her denial here is all we need to hear to assume it is not.

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