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You might not believe this, but:

According to a new report, Kate Gosselin is a very selfish individual who has made a decision that is only in her best interests, as opposed to those of her children.

Okay. Fine.

Maybe you do believe t.

Kate Gosselin and One Daughter

As you may have heard about by now, Gosselin sold her Pennsylania mansion a little while back, getting rid of the home in which she raised her eight kids.

More recently, she moved to North Carolina.

We don’t have many details about the new residence, but we do know that only four of Kate’s sons and daughters made this move with her.

Kate Gosselin on ABC Photo

Mady and Cara are both 20 years old and in college.

Neither Collin nor Hannah speak to their mother and will continue to reside with their dad, Jon, in Pennsylvania.

This leaves Aaden, Joel, Alexis and Leah as the unlucky ones who must now adjust to brand new surroundings.

Just as they’re entering their junior and senior years of high school, too.

Kate Gosselin on Her Gram
Photo via Instagram

"The younger kids aren’t happy about starting in a new school,” an insider told In Touch in the wake of Kate’s move, adding that Gosselin was very much aware of their reluctance.

However, this source says Kate “knew it was a great place for a fresh start and the kids would eventually adjust.” 

To be clear, of course, it’s not a parent’s job to just listen to every whim of his or her child and to abide by whatever the child wants — a parent does typically know best and it is typically his or her responsibility to make tough calls.

It’s just… Kate Gosselin hasn’t earned the benefit of very many doubts.

Photo via TLC

She’s been accused of causing severe emotional damage to son Collin and all she’s doing here is creating even more distance between herself and two of her children.

Along with her ex-husband, of course.

“[Kate] doesn’t care what Jon thinks [about her move],” adds the In Touch source, who also says Job is trying to keep the peace and respect her choice.

“Kate has her reasons for choosing North Carolina. He’s not trying to fight with Kate anymore.”

Photo via TLC

Gosselin to her partial credit, has not engaged in any recent war of words with Jon.

She’s said very little in public for several months now.

It’s simply hard not to wonder what is going through the mind of a mother who has no relationship with two of her teenagers and, by moving so far away, doesn’t appear to want one, either.

Kate Gosselin Sux
Photo via TLC

“What seems more certain now is that Collin and Hannah are more distanced from their mom and other siblings than ever,” the source concludes.

This movie will be another challenging factor in a long-strained family dynamic.


“[Jon] is keeping his door open for all his kids and he hopes that someday all the siblings will reconnect.”