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It is the end of a residential era for Kate Gosselin.

And, of course, for her many children as well.

According to Zillow, the long-time reality star and mother of eight sold her large home in Wernersville, Pennsylvania on January 26 for $1.1 million.

Kate, Kids

The mansion has six bedrooms and seven bathrooms and was featured for many years on the TLC reality show Jon and Kate plus 8.

As seen on this popular series — which also starred twin daughters Cara and Mady, 20, and 16-year-old sextuplets Hannah, Collin, Leah, Joel, Alexis and Aaden — the 7,591-square-foot residence sits on 23 acres of private land.

It’s surrounded by mature trees, grassy fields and lush greenery and it was built in 1997.

There’s also a three-car garage for those interested.

Kate Gosselin Sux

Most people, of course, aren’t on this celebrity gossip website for details on various real estate transactions.

However, Gosseln’s home sale is relevant because it takes place amid alleged financial woes for the polarizing parent, along with an ugly custody battle between her and Jon Gosselin.

Kate and her ex-husband divorced well over a decade ago — but they’ve scarcely stopped trashing each other since.

Over the past two years, this rivalry has been renewed because Jon has temporary custody of son Collin, while daughter Hannah is also living with him.

Kate Gosselin on ABC

Jon has even used Kate’s home sale against her, telling the public that Hannah’s heart shattered into a billion pieces when she learned her mom was selling her childhood home.

Jon also claimed that Kate only told Hannah this was happeniing over text message.

“Her house is listed, and she didn’t even notify Hannah that she was moving,” the 43-year old said on an episode of The Dr. Oz Show late last year.

“She was pretty much upset that that was her childhood home, her mother selling it, didn’t even call her to say, ‘Hey, do you want any of your stuff or anything?

"Hey, I need to sell this house,’” Jon told the host at the time.

It’s also worth noting that the decision to sell this house came at a precarious time for Kate Gosselin.

A few days after the home was listed, a source told In Touch Weekly that Gosselin’s "finances are not what they used to be."

This is what happens when you no longer have a reality show on which to star.

"It costs a lot of money to care for the kids and the lifestyle she’s been accustomed to," said this insider.

"Having a hit TV show had a lot of perks. Things have definitely changed. That’s why she’s looking to sell her home."

With the sale now complete, it’s unclear where Kate and her younger kids are headed.

Her 20-year old kids are off at college, while, as cited above, Collin and Hannah reside with their dad… and reportedly don’t talk to Kate at all.

This leaves 16 year-olds Leah, Joel, Alexis and Aaden as the children still living with their mom.

We feel so terrible for them.