Jovi Dufren and Yara Zaya: Did 90 Day Fiance Couple Get Married in Vegas or on the Bayou?

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Despite the exciting baby news, Yara and Jovi have a lot to deal with before getting married.

The 90 Day Fiance couple are facing a ticking clock, thanks to the K-1 visa and Jovi's work schedule.

Yara is also butting heads with Jovi's mom, who is adamant that she have a say in wedding plans.

We all know that their season was filmed many months ago. How did it all go down?

Jovi Dufren reveals Yara Zaya is pregnant

Yara Zaya is from Ukraine. Her family lives there.

They cannot attend her American wedding, no matter how much they would like to.

With that in mind, Yara has one main goal for her wedding -- Vegas.

Yara Zaya - because my family's not here

Las Vegas has convenient hotel accomodations and a reputation for quick, easy nuptials.

That is what Yara wants.

The alternative, she fears, would be a glorious and large wedding ceremony ... from which her family are painfully excluded.

Gwen Dufren hates the idea of not attending her son's wedding

Gwen, Jovi's mom, wants exactly that -- a large wedding ceremony and reception for the whole family.

But to be clear, that would mean the Dufren family (and friends).

She's not happy at the idea that she herself might not be able to attend her own son's wedding.

Yara Zaya - small party to me, it's small, a few people

Viewers and Yara alike have already seen Gwen's idea of a "small" party.

Yara might be super-polite when she speaks to Gwen, but that's not what she wants for her wedding.

Even just having Jovi's parents would mean that her own are left out, so she'd rather forego guests altogether.

Jovi Dufren 44 days to wed, 20 days until departure

When the last episode ended, we saw that Jovi and Yara had 44 days to wed.

Now, while ideal nuptials should be planned closer to a year out, 44 days is enough time to iron out details.

But Yara and Jovi don't have 44 days -- they have under three weeks.

20 Days Until Jovi Departs

Jovi travels the world for his job, where he dives underwater to repair pipelines.

He has to leave in 20 days, and will be gone for weeks.

If he and Yara have any chance of marrying before the K-1 visa runs out, they have to do it soon.

Yara Zaya cries; her feelings are genuinely hurt

Yara and Jovi are uncertain at this point about a lot of things.

But if they do decide to walk down the aisle, how can they make it fair?

Is it worse to exclude Jovi's parents or to exclude everyone equally? Can they even make it?

Yara Zaya helps Jovi Dufren get ready

90 Day Fiance blogger @90day_savage has news on that front.

The blog has released behind-the-scenes images.

We see Jovi and Yara filming on their wedding day ... along with some major details.

Jovi Dufren hugs Yara Zaya at the airport

First of all, the wedding date is February 14, 2020.

Not only is that before the pandemic hit the US, but it gives them the easiest anniversary date to remember, ever.

You don't want to forget your anniversary or Valentine's Day. Now they've cut their odds of doing either in half.

Yara Zaya and Jovi Dufren BTS via 90day_savage wedding pic

So we see Yara and Jovi speaking to the camera in a couples confessional.

Additionally, eyewitnesses spotted what looked like a wedding celebration taking place in a brewery.

With Jovi's friends Kline and Frankie present, it looks like Yara got her Vegas wedding -- but not without guests.

Jovi Dufren walks away from Yara Zaya "I'm done"

It sounds like the two of them (drumroll please) compromised!

This is an important skill for couples, particularly for two like Yara and Jovi who are such radically different people.

You don't really have to compromise if you're always of the same mind. 

Jovi Dufren tells the camera why he's so full of doubts

These two need to get good at compromise, but they may be off to a great start.

That said, we don't know if Jovi's parents or other family were actually present.

But if they did have guests, it's not unfair to assume that relatives were involved.

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