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Tiger King star Carole Baskin was targeted with a DWTS ad by the family of her missing husband.

Now, incarcerated reality star Joe Exotic appears to like that idea.

His newest bid for freedom comes with a new legal team — the same ones going after Carole Baskin.

It’s the weirdest enemy-of-my-enemy situation we’ve seen, but it makes a certain amount of sense.

Joe Exotic Mugshot

Remember the premiere of Dancing With The Stars last year?

During that season, on which Carole Baskin was a star, her missing husband’s family bought an ad slot.

The family had hired attorney John M. Phillips, who appeared alongside them on the unusual commercial.

John M. Phillips of the Phillips & Hunt law firm seems to be the go-to choice for Carole Baskin’s enemies.

On Tuesday, he shared that he had been retained by convicted animal abuser and attempted murderer Joe Exotic.

Joe’s aim is to get himself a new trial, where he hopes to plead his case before 12 brand new jurors.

"Work has already begun on @joe_exotic’s New Trial Motion," Phillips wrote.

He proclaimed: "We are proud to be leading his team."

On Tuesday, Phillips announced: "I was sworn into the Western District of Oklahoma this morning."

Joe Exotic and Friend

"This isn’t about tigers, television, or tomfoolery," Phillips wrote.

He continued: "It’s about justice and evidence."

Phillips concluded, promising: "More soon."

Phillips didn’t stop there, however.

In a separate public post, he poked fun at Joe’s former legal team.

In particular, he singled out their absurd bid to secure a pardon from disgraced former president Donald Trump.

Donald Trump Faces the Camera

Phillips characterized the very public and desperate attempts to get a pardon as "buffoonery."

That sounds accurate, and it sounds like Joe feels embarrassed and frustrated.

Phillips says that it was after this attempt went nowhere that Joe Exotic reached out to him.

Joe Exotic & Baby Cub

In many ways, the bid for a Trump pardon made a certain kind of sense.

Donald Trump’s combination of absurd vanity, desperation for celebrity approval, and his questionable mental faculties made it a real possibility.

In the end, despite some celebrity pardons, Trump primarily reserved his pardons for his co-conspirators.

Donald Trump Makes a Face

Suffice it to say that Phillips’ new legal strategy is not going to be trying to milk a pardon out of President Joe Biden.

Instead, as we mentioned, he seems to be aiming for a brand new trial with a new jury.

The advantages to a new trial following the irresponsible Tiger King documentary that made Joe an incarcerated celebrity are obvious.

Meet Joe Exotic

But … is that doable?

Getting a whole new trial following a conviction is generally a tall order.

Phillips could accuse prosecutors of misconduct, go after the judge, or … possibly claim that Joe was a victim of poor representation.

Carole Baskin In Tiger King

Inadequate legal representation is a real thing that happens to some people who later get convicted.

But Joe Exotic has an estimated net worth of $10 million to $15 million.

Even if his net worth is only a quarter of that … his new attorneys may be hard pressed to prove that he didn’t have good lawyers.

Donald Trump Interview Pic

If they’re hoping to cite the "buffoonery" of trying to bait Trump for a pardon, well, it may have been silly, but it was arguably worth a shot.

Trump did pardon Lil Wayne and Kodak Black even though neither participated in any of his criminal enterprises.

The same could have hypothetically happened for Joe … but it didn’t.

Carole Baskin

One has to imagine that Joe Exotic selected Phillips since he is already going after Carole Baskin on behalf of her missing husband’s family.

It has of course been insinuated by many that Carole murdered him so that he could not divorce her, though she has never been charged.

Meanwhile, Joe was charged and convicted of planning her murder as well as horrific animal abuses.