Carole Baskin: Family of Missing Husband Airs Ad During DWTS

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In a show of questionable judgment, Dancing With The Stars cast Carole Baskin this year.

Some believe that the Tiger King star murdered her husband. That man's family found a creative way to strike back.

Carole Baskin for DWTS Season 29

Whether people laughed or gasped upon Carole's casting news, there was a general air of discomfort due to the theory that she murdered her husband.

"Discomfort" doesn't begin to describe how the family of her missing husband, Don Lewis, seems to feel.

They took out a 50-second ad slot during Dancing With The Stars. The ad, which we have included in this article, is a plea for justice.

Anti- Carole Baskin ad 01 - Gale

"I'm Gale, one of Don Lewis' daughters," the commercial begins.

"We are a real family," she notes, acknowledging that some people easily forget that the people who appear on television have lives and loved ones.

"And to us," Gale expresses to the camera, "he was Daddy."

Anti- Carole Baskin ad 02 - Lynda

"I'm Lynda, one of Don Lewis' daughters," Lynda tells the camera. "And we miss our dad."

"I'm Donna," the commercial continues, "I'm Don Lewis' oldest daughter." 

We would never have guessed that she is the eldest. Congratulations are in order ... but perhaps this is not the time for that.

Anti- Carole Baskin ad 03 - Donna

"We need to know what happened to our father," Donna stresses.

Another woman, clearly not one of the siblings, then appears.

"I'm Anne," she introduces herself, "Don's former assistant. All we're asking is justice for Don."

Anti- Carole Baskin ad 04 - Anne

Attorney John M. Phillips then appears surrounded by the four women who have spoken already.

"Don Lewis mysteriously disappeared in 1997," he explains.

"His family deserves answers," Phillips states. "They deserve justice."

Anti- Carole Baskin ad 05 - Attorney

"Do you know who did this?" Phillips asks. "Or if Carole Baskin was involved?"

"A $100,000 reward has been funded," Donna explains to the camera.

"You can call the tip line," she suggests, and Phillips notes that anyone with pertinent information can also call his law office.

Anti- Carole Baskin ad 06 - reward notice

Many believe that Tiger King was extremely unfair towards Carole Baskin. Documentaries can and often do frame things however they like.

Others noted that anyone whose takeaway from the docuseries was focused upon theories about Carole's missing husband and not about the appalling crimes that put Joe Exotic behind bars has skewed priorities.

But others, however, have assumed that Carole murdered her husband -- some even imagining that she fed some of his remains to tigers.

Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion in WAP

The result of Tiger King has been that some act as if Carole is certainly responsible for her husband's vanishing act.

For example, after she discussed concerns about the big cats that appeared in the music video for "WAP," Cardi B wasn't interested in her opinion.

"I’m not gonna engage with Carole Baskin on that,” Cardi replied. “Like, that’s just ridiculous, you know? Like, girl you killed your goddamn husband."

Big Cats in WAP 01

Law enforcement have come to believe that Don Lewis' signature on his alleged will was forged, copied from his marriage certificate.

His estate, to the tune of $10 million, went to Carole after he went missing in the late '90s.

We of course do not claim to have any special knowledge of whether or not Carole was involved in any way with Don's disappearance.

Carole Baskin And a Tiger

However, we can absolutely understand how painful it must have been for Lewis' family to watch Carole be treated as a minor celebrity and almost a meme this year.

To them, this decades-old pain remains very real, and they would like answers -- whether or not they involve Carole.

But seeing her cast on DWTS not in spite of but because of her notoriety ... we can more than understand why the family wanted to use that spotlight to seek justice for their father.

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