David Eason: Yep, I Still Hate Gay People!

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It's no secret that David Eason is the absolute worst.

Even now, when his bigotry has cost him everything and all anyone is asking of him is to kindly STFU, he still can't stop himself from spewing hateful nonsense all over social media,

Maybe he figures he has nothing left to lose now that he's been unemployed for longer than he was ever on Teen Mom 2.

David Eason Gets Serious

Jenelle Evans, who is desperately trying to remain relevant, probably disagrees, but that's not enough to stop her idiot husband from reminding the world what an awful couple they are.

It was homophobia that got David fired from MTV, and he still can't shake his obsession with the sex lives of people he's never met.

Earlier this week, Eason took to Facebook to once again share his bigotry with the world.

David Eason With a Gun

And just like your evil aunt Karen, David believes his prejudice is totally original and hilarious.

"I'm so glad that the LGBTQSS movement can bring us all together!" David wrote.

"With this type of unity within our community people can no longer discriminate against one another due to their sexual orientation!"

David Eason and Fam

In addition to the paramilitary branch of Hitler's Nazi Party (a double-meaning that's certainly not lost on David), the intials "SS" refer for "super straight."

Super straight is a transphobic "movement" that originated on TikTok,

The name refers to its followers refusal to date trans people.

Jenelle Evans and David Eason in 2020

Men like David believe that loudly proclaiming this refusal somehow makes them more straight.

And they believe that by tacking "SS" on to the end of "LTBGTQ" they've made themselves immune to criticism by categorizing their transphobia as a sexuality.

David's followers tend to be as idiotic as he is, so it took them a while to catch on to the "joke."

Dave Eason

"Are you okay? Got the Corona? Got a fever?" one commented, while another asked, "Hacked?"

The inquiries eventually prompted David to explain his attempt at humor:

"It's called 'super straight' and it's a real thing!.... are you trying to offend my sexual orientation?" he wrote.

David Eason on The Land

As usual, of course, the joke is on David.

Any group that's earned the wrath of this unemployable rage monster must be doing something right.

And in this case, trans people can take comfort in the knowledge that they don't have to worry about sexual advances from a man who looks like he perpetually reeks of swamp water and jerky.

David Eason Stupid

This is just the latest in a long line of reminders that David is an unrepentant bigot.

Just last month, Eason declared his intention to continue using the N-word in spite of -- or perhaps because of -- the fact that it's horribly offensive to Black people.

David is one of those people who thinks he's being brave by expressing his bigotry so openly.

Jenelle and David Sittin' on a Porch

But in reality, doing so is an act of desperation.

Eason knows that hate is all he has to offer the world, and if he stops spouting racism and homophobia on social media, the dwindling group of people who care what he has to say will finally lose interest entirely.

It's almost enough to make you feel the bad for the guy.

Just kidding -- he 100 percent did this to himself, and he deserves every ounce of misery that comes his way.

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