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As previously reported, Maci Bookout has had it up to here with the parents of her ex, Ryan Edwards.

She admittedly wants to go all-out crazy on these folks due to the way they’ve been lying and manipulating various situations centered around her and Ryan’s son, Bentley.

But the tables have now been turned a bit on Bookout.


Maci Bookout on the Phone

Because plenty of Teen Mom OG viewers out there think it’s all-out crazy and wrong, the way Maci has been exploiting these same situations centered around 12-year olf Bentley.

Ever since this popular MTV series returned with new episodes, Bookout’s storyline has had everything to do with her oldest child.

We’ve seen Maci talk about how Bentley doesn’t want to see his dad… how Bentley is in therapy… and how Bentley’s paternal grandparents have been making life extra difficult.

Maci Bookout on MTV Episode
Photo via MTV

Heck, as pictured above, we’ve even seen Maci film a phone conversation between herself and her son’s therapist.

It’s all too much, according to a bunch of critics.

Yes, they recognize that the Teen Mom franchise focuses a significant amount of time on how its stars interact with their children and/or their exes.

But Bentley is 12 years old.

Maci Bookout Hugs Bentley

Must he and his personal struggles reallly be front and center this often, even if they’re obviously a big part of her life?

Doesn’t he have enough on his plate with his father and his obvious issues, and Maci’s conflict with Ryan to boot?

Might she be better off taking a step back from the public-facing nature of this franchise? Some fans sure think so.

Photo via MTV

“Maci needs to shift her story line onto herself and Taylor and what they do and let Bentley work through his emotions and relationships in private at this point,” one fan Tweeted after last week’s installment

Added another:

“Maci, if you care about your son and him getting therapy, ya don’t put it [on] TV."


Maci Bookout for MTV

Relatedly, a handful of viewers suggested Maci follow the lead of Teen Mom 2 star Chelsea Houska.

She quit the show late last year, allegedly because her daughter, Aubree, was getting older — and Chelsea didn’t want her personal adolescent issues to become storyline fodder for the program.

“Maci needs to take a page out of Chelsea DeBoer’s [book] and leave the show and give Bentley a normal childhood cuz all money ain’t good money,” one person wrote.

Maci Bookout in Late 2020

Maci happily married these days to her husband, Taylor, and they share two kids of their own, Jayde, 5, and Maverick, 4.

Edwards, for his part, has battled a number of legal and substance abuse issues over the years.

He’s been in and out of rehab and is currently facing a six-figure lawsuit.

Maci Bookout, Bentley 2020

No one is arguing that he’s probably a bad influence on Bentley these days. That’s as close to a statement of fact as you can get.

Nor is anyone suggesting that the 12-year old shouldn’t be the one to establish the terms of his relationship with this troubled parent.

They just don’t think Bentley should also be forced to do so in front of MTV cameras.

Mackenzie, Ryan, Bentley

“I think Bentley is subjected to enough without having everyone seeing his life story,” yet another viewer wrote.

“Grown adults have a hard time living in the public eye you can’t tell me a middle schooler doesn’t.”

It’s a fair point. We know Maci because of a show called Teen Mom, but Bentley is almost a teenager himself.

Maci Bookout in a Tanktop

A different viewer chimed in with a similar sentiment, noting the obvious: Bentley will see all of this one day.

“Imagine being young Bentley and going thru this s**t all his young life with Ryan and everything is on TV.

"I don’t find it entertaining, I feel awful for Bentley. He has no privacy, none of those kids have any privacy.”

Maci Bookout with Bentley

Maci has yet to respond to the backlash directly, but we have to ask, Hollywood Gossip readers:

Do you think these critics have a point?