Ryan Edwards Faces Six-Figure Lawsuit, "Reckless" Driving Allegations

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Well, we figured it was only a matter of time before Ryan Edwards would find himself back in court.

But we have to give credit where it's due and admit that his latest brush with the law is not as dire as we expected.

In fact, in a welcome change of pace, Ryan will be appearing in civil court, instead of criminal!

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The man is taking extremely tiny baby steps in the right direction, but hey -- slow progress is better than no progress, right?

Anyway, according to a new report from UK tabloid The Sun, Edwards is being sued for a whopping $290,000 as a result of his involvement in a 2018 car accident.

Court filings indicate that Tennessee couple James and Janet Byrne are accusing Ryan of rear-ending them while they were stopped at a red light.

Mackenzie Standifer Edwards and Ryan Edwards

In addition to the damage to his Nissan pickup truck, James says he suffered serious injuries as a result of the crash, which he blames on Ryan's "negligence" and "reckless" driving.

We know what you're thinking, and believe it or not, for once, no one is accusing Ryan of being drunk or on drugs.

However, the Byrnes believe that Ryan caused the crash by driving while distracted.

Edwards, Ryan (Teen Mom)

Specifically, they claim he was preoccupied by his dog, who was riding in the front seat at the time of the crash.

“The collision was of such force as to cause the back of Mr. Byrne’s head to strike the rear window of his pickup truck and break the window,” the court documents read. 

James Byrnes says that as a result of the crash, he has been afflicted with vertigo, as well as “physical impairment and disability, physical pain and suffering, loss of capacity for the enjoyment of life, and medical, rehabilitation and medication expenses.”

Ryan Edwards, Jagger

He adds that his wife “suffered and will suffer a loss of companionship” as a result of his injuries.

Yes, "companionship" seems to be a euphemism for sex here, and we have a lot of questions about just how bad this accident was!

The Byrnes are suing for $260,000 for injuries, damages and losses, and another 30 grand has been tacked on for that loss of companionship.

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No trial date has been set yet, but it sounds like Ryan has zero interest in setting out of court, so the two parties will almost certainly square off eventually.

When he responded to the suit in 2019, Ryan stated (through his lawyers) that he could “neither admit nor deny” that the driver was stopped at a red light.

He also requested proof of both James' injuries, as well as his wife's loss of "companionship."

Ryan and Mackenzie and Kids

When this thing eventually goes in front of a judge, you can be sure that Ryan's long history of reckless driving will factor into the plaintiff's argument.

As you may recall, this is the same guy who was so high that he passed out while driving to his own wedding.

Too bad he didn't have his dog with him to grab the wheel on that occasion!

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