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There’s been plenty of drama surrounding this season of The Bachelor, but most of it has had nothing to do with Matt James’ quest to find a wife.

As you’re probably aware, the competition has been overshadowed by a succession of scandals, most of them having to do with allegations of racial insensitivity.

Viewers were shocked by photos of frontrunner Rachael Kirkconnell at a plantation-themed party, and the events that followed might forever alter the franchise.

Rachael Kirkconnell Photograph

Already, Chris Harrison has stepped away from his hosting gig after offering an ignorant defense of Kirkconnell’s actions.

It’s a little difficult to discuss what will happen from here without getting into how Matt’s season will reportedly end.

In other words, consider this your spoiler alert.

Rachael Kirkconnell with Matt James

According to Bachelor spoiler king Reality Steve, Rachael will receive Matt’s final rose in the season finale.

But recent reports indicate that Matt and Rachael have already broken up.

And considering the Bachelor rumor mill has been working overtime in recent months, it should come as no surprise that there’s already speculation about Matt getting back together with one of his finalists.

Serena P for Season 25

Fans were shocked when Serena Pitt took herself out of the running, as she and Matt seemed to enjoy a genuine connection.

Though she conceded that Matt was the perfect guy "on paper," she revealed that she simply didn’t feel strongly enough for him to continue the relationship.

“I don’t think you are my person. I am just not there yet,” she told him.

Matt James With Serena Pitt

“I care about him still so much,” Serena, 22, can be seen saying in a teaser video for the special during a sit-down with Chris Harrison, who asks.

“Is there any part of you that thinks maybe I made the wrong call?”

“Matt and I inevitably went our separate ways, but our relationship was something very special and I will forever be grateful for the time we spent together and the moments we shared,” the publicist wrote via Instagram during the late hours of Tuesday, February 23.

Matt and Serena P.

“Though I did not find love, I’m leaving this experience with a full heart.”

Ever since the news of Matt and Rachael’s breakup (and a little before that, to be honest), fans have been hoping for a Matt-Serena reconciliation.

And previews for next week’s Women Tell All episode has left them with a glimmer of hope.

Photo via Instagram

"I care about him still so much,” Serena says in the trailer.

Chris Harrison (yes, it seems the special was filmed before he stepped away from the franchise) then asks Serena the crucial question:

“Is there any part of you that thinks maybe I made the wrong call?”

Matt James GMA Pic

Fans have commented that Matt appears to become upset in the wake of that question, but his "response" might just be the result of clever editing.

So is there any chance that Matt and Serena might actually find their way back to one another?

Well, sure. In fact, if he follows the precedent set by Peter Weber, Matt might hook up with several of his contestants after filming ends.

Matt James Gets Serious

But Matt doesn’t really strike us as that type.

And as much as we would love to see it, it seems unlikely that he’ll wind up back with Serena.

Pitt’s decision to take herself out of the running was not made in a moment of passion, and it seemed that she had carefully considered her options.

Photo via Instagram

We don’t doubt her claim that she still cares about Matt.

But as we all know, it’s possible to care about while knowing that they’re not right for you.

Besides now that Katie Thurston has been ousted, Serena is in the running for next Bachelorette!

Photo via Instagram

It seems to us that she’s exactly what the franchise needs at this point, and if Matt really cared about her in return, he would encourage her to take that opportunity and run with it — if it actually happens, of course.

Yes, in all likelihood, the rumors about Matt and Serena’s reconciliation are bogus, but at the very least, we’ll get to find out how she feels about James during the Women Tell All episode.

It’s a little ironic that the season in which Chris Harrison stepped away really is turning out to be the most dramatic ever!