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There have been hints about Selling Sunset being renewed for Season 4, but no confirmations yet.

Now, Christine Quinn is answering fan questions about the show’s future.

Christine Quinn on Instagram

There is no question that Chrishell Stause took center stage on this season of Selling Sunset — at least as far as headlines were concerned.

But similarly, Christine Quinn was undoubtedly a close second, snagging headlines, interviews, and even a swelteringly hot Maxim cover.

And she has a lot to say about their hit Netflix series’ future.

Christine Quinn Wedding Photo

TMZ caught up with Christine outside of The London Hotel in WeHo.

There, they naturally asked if she could confirm that Selling Sunset is a go for Season 4.

While she doesn’t have any good news for anyone, she doesn’t sound worried.

Christine confirmed to TMZ that she is confident about the show getting renewed for eason 4.

She refers to Selling Sunset as good vibes for her and her "thirsty bitches."

Though she says that Netflix hasn’t said anything yet, she notes that after Season 3, a renewal is just common sense.

Off of the top of her head, Christine was able to note some stats about how well the show did in Season 3 — info of which Netflix’s decision makers are surely well-aware.

Now, Christine says that she does not expect to see any major changes to the show’s cast.

She explains that the cast is likely to remain the same, joking that "all the bitches are so thirsty they’ll do anything for a dollar."

Now, there were some cancelation anxieties after the news that Brett left The Oppenheim Group to start his own brokerage.

Brett Oppenheim ran the firm with his twin brother, Jason. It’s kind of a big deal.

But Christine doesn’t want anyone to worry, and suspects that Brett will still show up … even if he’s not part of the firm, he could still easily be part of the show.

Chrishell Stause, Heather Rae Young, Mary Fitzgerald, and Amanza Smith

Interestingly, this summer, Chrishell Stause posted this photo of her celebrating some sort of secret good news with some castmates.

"Carpe Diem!!" she captioned the pic. "Celebrating good news we can’t tell you about."

She even tagged the pic with "#SellingSunset" … which sure seems like a major hint of the show’s renewal.

So … does Chrishell know something that Christine does not?

It would be painfully awkward if one of them learned that the show was renewed before the other.

Does this mean that Christine was let go from the cast? Our guess is … no.

In fact, despite her castmates surrounding her and the tag that she used, Chrishell may have been referring to wholly different good news.

She is, after all, on this season of Dancing With The Stars.

Chrishell may have been celebrating her casting news with castmates, unable to share the topic because she was under NDA.

There is also the possibility that the show has been renewed but it’s not public yet, and Christine just said that she didn’t know yet because she wanted to be a good cast member.

Playing coy about renewal status can get you in almost as much trouble as leaking the official news. It’s smart to just not speak up.

Netflix makes some weird, often upsetting decisions about renewals based upon a bizarre business model, but for the sake of the show’s legions of fans, let’s hope for renewal news, soon!