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Say it isn’t so, Chris Lopez.

Please, for the love of all that is good and holy, say. It. Isn’t. So.

We’re begging you, dude.

Chris Lopez in 2020

On the latest edition of his podcast, "P. T. S. D – Pressure Talks with Single Dads," the father of two boys told the listening public that he wasn’t content with his current immediate family.

Yes, he has an almost three-year old son named Lux and another son named Creed, who was born in August.

And, yes, he’s gotta a two-time baby mama in Teen Mom star Kailyn Lowry who will not be facing charges for allegedly beating him last September, leaving the door open for a reconciliation.

But Lopez wants more, everyone.

Chris Lopez and Kids

We mean this literally.

He wants more children.

"I low key want more kids," Lopez said on the aforementioned podcast last week.

Would he want to knock up Lowry once again? It doesn’t sound that way.

Chris Lopez on Christmas

"I got to find someone that wants more kids," he continued, elaborating as follows:

"I want a girl… One day I’m hoping for a girl. I want my [sons] to have a sister… three might be my max… maybe four would be my max… Two boys and a girl… I’m straight.

"I’m solid… if Creed was a girl, I’d be done."

This may be seen as some to be a sweet sentiment; while it may be seen as others to be downright frightening.

Chris Lopez Smiles

According to Lowry, Lopez is a complete deadbeat of a dad.

He has no contact with his sons. He only wants things on his terms. He even had to be banned from going close to Kailyn and/or Lux back when Lowry took out a restraining order against him.

Chris has never seemed like someone who actually wants to be a father.

Heck, Lowry recently said on an epsiode of her own podcast that she kind of wants to legally cut Chris out of her sons’ lives because he just sucks so very much.

Chris Lopez and Son

"I have a huge problem with that [inconsistent fathers]," she explained on air.

"The court system would rather see a father who will come and go as they please, in and out, inconsistencies for days, weeks, sometimes months…"

She then trailed off in disgust.

But the point was that it’s hard to officiially and completely kick Lopez out of Lux and Creed’s life, at least through any sort of official order… yet she sure would love to do so.

Chris Lopez In Blue

"Chris is not stepping up like I thought he would," Kailyn added last season on the Teen Mom 2 finale, adding at the time:

"I f–ked up, like that’s the bottom line, I f–ked up by moving. I made that mistake and now I need to correct it."

Lowry has since said she’ll never get back together with Lopez, which makes us hope she’s coming a bit to her senses.

Kailyn Lowry in Glasses

This means that Chris will need to find another woman with a willing womb to get pregnant if he really wants to father a daughter someday.

Will he be successful in doing so?

We’ll revert back to the beginning of this post to answer that question:

For the love of all that is good and holy, we hope not.