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Like so many of the other stars in the Teen Mom galaxy, Briana DeJesus is forced to deal with near-constant baby daddy drama.

Unlike her co-stars, however, Bri doesn’t seem interested in keeping any aspect of her personal life hidden from her fans.

Perhaps she knows it’s pointless for famous people to try and keep secrets in 2021, or maybe she just doesn’t have the energy to battle her baby daddies and then try to keep said battles under wraps.

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Whatever the case, Briana puts it all out there — and sometimes, she even asks her fans for advice or feedback.

Earlier this week, Bri posted a photo to her Instagram Story that showed an exchange between her 9-year-old daughter Nova, and the girl’s father, Devoin Austin.

"What are you doing today?" Devoin asked Nova via text.

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"Idk why?" she responded.

That’s when Austin apparently became irate.

"Just asking. Don’t ask me why…that’s rude. You have a good day," he replied.

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Bri posted a screen shot of the exchange, along with a poll asking her followers if Devoin was out of line with his remarks.

(Not surprisingly, the people ruled that he was in the wrong.)

"Terrible parenting skills… asking why maybe meant she didn’t wanna do what she had planned originally and was up for another offer but shutting her out and saying have a good day was the best response u could give?" Bri later wrote.

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Briana and Devoin have been at each other’s throats in recent weeks, and the conflict is not always related to the raising of their child.

Recently, DeJesus revealed that she would be going back under the knife for another cosmetic procedure.

Briana on Teen Mom the Second

"Really can’t believe im about to get some new t–ties again. Pray for me yalllllll," she tweeted.

Briana later offered some clarification:

"Finally feeling a little better from surgery got implant exchange and some lipo."

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Sensing that his ex was in a vulnerable position, Devoin took full advantage:

"Does Dr. Miami do brain surgery?" he asked.

Sadly, that’s not the first time he’s gone on the attack and mocked her for undergoing plastic surgery.

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"You have a $15,000 body. Stop it!" he once screamed at her during an episode of Teen Mom 2.

"The plastic surgery I got done shouldn’t matter cause I still take care of my kids. My kids never go without," Bri replied on social media.

She closed her argument with a rather crucial point:

Briana DeJesus Smiles

"I make sure my kids have everything before I get a new ass," she wrote.

"Plus I never even paid for my surgery it was all for freeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee."

Yeah, it’s sort of hard to attack someone for spending money on plastic surgery when they haven’t … actually spent money on plastic surgery!

These days, Devoin’s mother has entered the fray and accused Briana and Teen Mom 2 producers of manipulating Nova and feeding her lines in an effort to assassinate Devoin’s character.

Bri says that’s a lie, and we’re inclined to believe her.

After all, based on his latest comments, we’d say Austin does a fine job of destroying his own reputation.