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Making babies is what the Duggars do.

It’s quite literally what they’re famous for.

So it should never come as much surprise when a Duggar woman becomes pregnant — even in cases where it seems like she just delivered her most recent baby like a week ago.

Anna Duggar Goes QAnon Crazy

But in the case of Anna Duggar’s seventh pregnancy, we just can’t help but be a little shocked.

For starters, Anna just welcomed her sixth child in November of 2019, so the news that she is currently expecting her seventh is a little unexpected.

On top of that, she’s married to Josh Duggar, and the idea that anyone wants to procreate with that doughy predator is downright baffling.

Duggar and Kids

But it’s not for us to decide what anyone else should do with their uterus (take note, Duggars!), so we’ll just sit back and watch with confusion as Anna singlehandedly breeds an entire evangelical baseball team.

And how we are so sure that Anna is expecting, even though she has yet to make an announcement?

Well, why don’t you inspect the evidence and decide for yourself.

Anna Duggar: Pregnant With Baby #7

That’s a screen shot from a video that was first posted by Jessa Duggar — but was quickly deleted for obvious reasons.

Katie Joy of the Without a Crystal Ball vlog was the first to report on the situation, and she described the situation on her Instagram page:

"Jessa Seewald might have accidentally exposed a family secret. She uploaded a video of Henry’s birthday party," Joy wrote.

Anna Duggar: Pregnant in 2021

"Then she quickly unlisted it & at the very end – a very pregnant looking Anna Duggar is cutting ice cream cake," she continued.

"Jessa has never uploaded a video & then unlisted one before."

Not surprisingly, fans are having a field day with this one.

Anna and Josh Selfie

“She unlisted the video. Anna is definitely pregnant," one commenter wrote.

“Yeah, I wondered why the video was unlisted, this may very well be why," another added.

“I mean, Maryella is a year old and Anna typically loses a lot of weight from breastfeeding (I realise not everyone does), so I’m voting pregnancy," a third chimed in.

Duggars Celebrate Christmas

Some fans have no doubt that Anna is pregnant, and for them, the only question now is — how far along is she?

"Oh my, she is so prego. Like months along looks like," one observer theorized.

"She must have gotten prego months after the last one. These Duggar’s will never just not be prego," another pointed out.

Duggar Double Date

"Oh my gosh, she looks at least six months pregnant! That’s crazy she’s always announced soon after they found out!" yet another remrked adding:

"I wonder why all the secrecy surrounding this pregnancy."

Well, we don’t claim to be able to answer that question, but we have some thoughts about why Anna might not want the whole world to know that she’s knocked up.

Josh, Anna, and Family

For starters, she and Josh are currently living in a windowless warehouse on Jim Bob’s property.

Not exactly the most ideal setting in which to raise SEVEN children!

On top of that, Josh still sucks, and the whole world knows it.

The Duggars experimented with bringing him back into the spotlight when Maryella was born in 2019, but fans still weren’t willing to forgive his various sex crimes.

So they’ve clearly given up on the idea that an infant will deliver redemption (which is weird, since that’s literally their religion).

And if a baby can’t help you out in the PR department, might as well keep him a secret, right?!

Folks, this is how the Duggars see the world.