Josh Duggar: Did He Marry Anna Just to Bury Molestation Scandal?

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We've already heard about the bizarre punishment Josh Duggar received from his parents and church after he molested his sisters.

Turns out the story is worse than we thought.

Josh Kisses Anna

Apparently, fellow church members not only helped Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar pray over Josh, they also helped cover up his crimes.

Meanwhile, patriarch Jim Bob arranged Josh's marriage to Anna hoping that marriage would keep Josh on the straight and narrow.

(It did not.)

When he was a teenager, Josh - the first of the Duggars' 19 children - molested five very young girls, four of whom were his sisters.


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His parents covered up these acts for years, believing they could handle it "in house" and treating a sex crime as a spiritual crisis.

An anonymous former member of the Duggar family's infamous church has told Radar Online new details about how the family did this.

According to the congregant, Jim Bob and Michelle were observably "sad" during the early 2000s after this scandal occurred.

But church-goers came forward to help ... by burying the truth.

Gender Question

Apparently, this group of fundamentalists were more afraid of bad publicity and a scandal than of a young sexual deviant in their midst.

"Older men within the church immediately jumped in to help Jim Bob hide everything as much as possible," the insider reveals.

According to the source: "They all tried to hire lawyers to keep Josh’s touching of younger girls under wraps."

Their goal was to assist Jim Bob, a powerful figure in the region, and "make sure no one ever heard about this."

Josh Duggar on His Birthday

They figured that they would pray away this behavior, "fixing" the problem so that no one would ever have to know.

It's clear that their concern was the church's reputation and keeping law enforcement away from snooping into their affairs.

But Jim Bob had more up his sleeve than bizarre punishments and religious "counseling" to keep Josh from preying upon children.

Unfortunately, his solution was to push him into a marriage right away in the hopes that relief in the marriage bed was all he needed.

Josh Duggar, Anna Duggar, and Kids in 2017

"Josh and Anna’s relationship seemed pretty controlled and arranged,” the churchgoing insider assesses, sadly to the surprise of no one familiar with the Duggars or this particular union.

“Michelle and Jim Bob thought a relationship would solve some of his problems," the source adds.

In an offhanded but chilling comment, the insider claims:

"That was common in our church."

Josh Duggar With Anna and Kids

While it sounded like Anna had been informed of Josh's "troubles" before their courtship, it looks like she was largely kept in the dark.

According to the insider, Jim Bob threw Josh and Anna a courtship party in which he alluded to Josh's past "mistakes."

"Jim Bob talked about all that Josh had been through and that he became a strong, young man of God,” the source reveals.

The insider adds: “Anna was nodding along of course, but I don’t think she knew the extent of it."

Anna, Josh Duggar Pic

While Anna didn't seem surprised according to this eyewitness, in that culture, front-hugging could have been a "mistake."

"I think when Anna first met Josh she was very much under the impression that he was a strong, young man," the insider shares.

According to the source, she probably thought of him as someone "who hadn’t done anything bad in a while.”

“But," the insider characterizes, "He was still shady when he was courting Anna."

Jill, Joy & Anna: All Pregnant

What, in this context, does the ex-congregant mean by shady?

"Josh got super anxious once," the source recalls. "When someone tried to grab his phone and pretend to make a call."

The insider adds: "He was very upset."

Now, plenty of us get anxious when someone grabs our phone ... but it's because a phone is a very private, personal thing.

(You know how you'll show a relative a photo, they insist upon holding the phone themselves, then they flip through photos, not realizing that they're playing Russian roulette?)

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In Josh's case, though, he comes from a world where there is no privacy until marriage. Jim Bob is up in everyone's business.

If he was anxious about his phone being grabbed, it probably means that he was still consuming porn and didn't want to get caught.

To most normal people, that doesn't sound like a huge issue.

Unless it interferes with his relationship or marriage, what's the big deal about looking at some provocative images here and there?

Josh Duggar Ashley Madison Profile Pic

To the Duggars and their congregation, it was practically the same as the actual sex crimes he committed upon helpless little girls.

And Josh, of course, went on to be outed as a user of the online cheating portal Ashley Madison along with other porn sites.

Yet another bizarre entry to the saga of Josh Duggar. 

We're sure it won't be the last, but ... perhaps it's time to rethink some of the marriage and relationship "rules," people.

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