Paul Staehle and Pregnant Karine Martins: Follow Us on OnlyFans!

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Karine Martins has been flaunting her baby bump on Instagram for months.

She and Paul Staehle are in Brazil, working on their marriage ... and working on making more money.

They have now announced that they are joining OnlyFans to bring custom content to subscribers.

How explicit are they going to be? And how is this going to work with Karine being so very, very pregnant?

Karine and Paul Staehle

Just days ago, Paul was asking his own followers if he should be chill about Karine doing solo Cameos for fans.

Cameo is an app where famous people make short, made-to-order recordings for fans at a set price. There's rarely if ever anything salacious about it.

It seems that Paul has changed his tune from being hesitant about solo Cameos to something much, much spicier ... even though Karine is very pregnant with Baby #2.

Karine Staehle Flaunts Baby Bump #2

"I will soon be launching our OnlyFans account," Paul announced on his Instagram Stories.

"My account will have exclusive content of our life," he revealed.

"And," Paul assured his followers, "will be for the most part family friendly."

Paul Staehle and Karine Staehle Talk Basics

"Primarily exclusive updates and some comedy content," Paul wrote.

He suggested: "We might also add Karine's cosmetology journey to it."

Paul clearly has some of his own ideas of what to share with subscribers.

Paul Staehle IG Story OnlyFans announcement

"And," he added, "some of my videos with local paranormal activity, ancient and recent alien phenomenons here, archelogical, Amazonas myths and legends."

"As well as wild life nature," Paul wrote, "and of course swimming and fishing in Amazonas waters safely."

"Alongside actual local experts," he noted, concluding: "I will also be adding survival and baby gear reviews."

Paul Staehle Reveals Karine Martins Baby Bump

Karine also teased fans with her own video, flaunting her plans to join OnlyFans.

She issued a disclaimer that there would be no nudity ... but then she winked and held up her finger to her lips as if shushing them.

Whether she's just trying to bait people or she's implying that there could be more adult content than her words implied ... well, that's anyone's guess.

Karine Staehle is Very Pregnant

On OnlyFans, she is already active, showing off her pregnant belly in a crop top in her profile header.

Why? We think that it is probably safe to say that Karine is trying to court pregnancy fetishists at the moment.

There are a lot of them out there, and people with particular kinks like that are much more likely to pay money than the people who can see their more vanilla interests play out in mainstream porn.

Karine Staehle OnlyFans Profile 13 January 2021

So basically, Paul and Karine are both suggesting that their content will be mostly PG-13 ... mostly.

Some fans are understandably curious, whether out of interest or a more morbid curiosity, whether Paul and Karine's hints mean more explicit content is to come.

The best answer is that no one, including Paul and Karine, knows for sure -- though Karine has shared what her decision-making process will be.

Karine Staehle OnlyFans poll - more preggo pics?

She has revealed that she will post more content along the lines of what gets better tips.

While Karine is clearly referring to pregnancy photos versus pre-pregnancy photos, it's obvious that she wants subscribers to essentially get into a bidding war with each other.

Little by little, they may try to nudge her to show more skin, or even to get Paul involved (there are plenty of couples, throuples, and more on OnlyFans). Whether they oblige is up to them.

Karine Staehle OnlyFans - I will respond to $$ private messages

Karine has also shared that she will respond with audio recordings to messages, including those with images, if they are accompanied by tips.

(On OnlyFans, tipped messages are automatically sorted to the top of someone's inbox, so anyone desperate for attention knows that they have a surefire way of being heard)

This element seems the most likely to make Paul insecure, as, well, people don't use OnlyFans DMs to send selfies. Well, not selfies of their face, anyway.

Karine Staehle Baby Bump

That said, Karine's OnlyFans currently notes that she is "inactive" though she was last seen on the site just an hour ago (OnlyFans shows when a creator last checked in).

As such, people cannot currently subscribe, even to see the content that she has already posted.

Does this mean that she and Paul are pausing her account so that they can make a joint account together? With all of this attention in headlines, now would be the time to do it.

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