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Well, another season of Teen Mom 2 has come to an end.

But not before the ladies were allowed to make their closing arguments in one of the show’s infamous multi-part reunion specials.

This year, of course, the episodes were shot remotely, and in the final installment, the other moms’ storylines were mostly overshadowed by the fact that it was Chelsea Houska’s final appearance on the show.

Kail on the Side

But to the surprise of absolutely no one, Kailyn Lowry still found a way to deliver the drama and throw some serious shade.

When it was her turn to talk on Tuesday night, Kail mostly focused on ongoing tensions with her most recent baby daddy, Chris Lopez.

As you’re probably aware, Kail and Chris don’t have the greatest relationship, and things were particularly rocky between them around the time that Lowry got pregnant with Chris’ second child.

Kail and Chris

News of the pregnancy came shortly after an altercation that resulted in Kailyn filing for a restraining order against Chris.

It was also around that time that Lowry was arrested after allegedly assaulting Lopez.

Given everything that was happening in her life, it’s no surprise that Kail wanted to hold off on announcing her pregnancy.

Kail Cries on Teen Mom 2

Unfortunately, she was stripped of that luxury when an aunt of Chris’ made the announcement without Kail’s permission.

During the reunion, Kail opened up about that difficult time, revealing that the treacherous aunt had previously been an ally of hers.

“I think it was kind of like the ultimate betrayal only because that aunt was someone that I was the closest to in his family so it kind of cut extra deep,” Kailyn told hosts Dr. Drew and Nessa Diab.

Kailyn with Chris
Photo via Instagram

“And also just I was just in a place where I didn’t know what I wanted to do. I didn’t know if I wanted to continue with the pregnancy, I didn’t know where I was at, I was in a really really dark place and so it almost felt like she was making the decision for me," she continued.

"Because what if I had wanted to go through with the abortion and she put that out there and then I had to deal with that publicly? That was something that I really just didn’t expect and of her, of all people.”

Clearly, this was a painful time for Kail, and the aunt who leaked her very private news was way out of line.

Lopez, Chris
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Since the arrival of baby Creed, Kail and Chris’ relationship has been as tumultuous as ever.

But she did give him some credit during the reunion by noting that he surprised her by showing up during her home delivery.

“I have to say that I was actually very surprised he showed up ’cause I just went back and forth so much about telling him when I went into labor and stuff like that and we have things in place that are preventing us from even being around each other,” Kail said at the reunion.

Kailyn and Her Family
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“So, I thought that he deserved to know that I was in labor so when I called to tell him that, I did not expect him to show up at the door shortly thereafter.”

Hey, maybe there’s a future for these two, after all!

We hope there’s not, as they’re obviously horribly mismatched, but there’s a very good chance they’ll give another try!