Joy-Anna Duggar: Jill Ditched Her Family, Not the Other Way Around!

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It's been almost two years since the start of the Jim Duggar vs. Derick Dillard feud that forever altered day-to-day life for the members of the Counting On clan.

Prior to that, the Duggars were about as close as any family has ever been.

Sure, occasionally one of them would rebel in some minor way by wearing pants or marrying someone who wasn't hand-picked by Jim Bob, but if the other siblings had a problem with it, they kept their criticism to themselves.

The Dillards vs. the Duggars

That all changed when the Jim Bob-Derick feud forced Jill to choose a side.

She decided to stand with Derick, which must have felt like an ironic twist of fate for her parents.

After all, they were the ones who taught Jill and their sisters to be loyal to their husbands above all others.

The Dillards on YouTube

Anyway, Jill's commitment to her man is so complete that she's essentially cut ties with the rest of her family.

In recent weeks, Jill and Derick have posted several YouTube videos in which they describe their situation in surprisingly candid fashion.

In one of them, Jill stated that some of her siblings support her in her war against her parents, while others do not.

The Dillards' New House

'Are they supportive? Not always,” Jill said of her family.

“Everybody’s gonna have their opinion about different things," she added.

"I feel like some of my siblings are probably more like, have something to say about it than others," Jill continued.

Jill Duggar Rocks Gold Shoes

She didn't name any names, but it's been pretty easy to figure out which ones are on Team Jim Bob.

Last month, fans noticed that Jill was absent from the Duggars' Christmas party.

One Twitter follower asked Derick about the situation directly, and he didn't mince words in his response.

The Dillards Photo

“No, we were not invited or told about it," he responded.

Several fans expressed their dismay over the fact that Jill's parents are treating her so harshly.

Jessa Duggar insisted that Derick was lying, and that he and Jill had actually declined an invitation from her parents.

Whether she's telling the truth or not, we think it's safe to say that Jessa is decisively on Jim Bob's side.

And now, it looks like she's joined by Joy-Anna.

“Very sad that you guys never include her,” one follower commented on a photo from the party that Joy posted on her Instagram page.

Joy-Anna and Kids

Joy didn't respond directly, but a fan did so on her behalf.

“Why do you think she’s never included with the sisters ? Ever think she chooses not to go.”

Joy-Anna “liked” that reply, which seemed to be her wasy of implictly endorsing it.

Joy-Anna Duggar in Pants

Others came to Jill and Derick's defense and pointed out that if even if they received an invitation to the party, they might not have felt welcome to attend.

“Being invited isn’t the same thing as being welcomed,” one wrote.

“She may have been invited still with Derick but they would be watching them both like hawks, making sure they weren’t taking any unauthorized pictures or videos, making sure neither of them were talking one on one to any of the more ‘vulnerable’ children whom [Jim Bob] isn’t certain is 100% …,” another commented.

Jill Duggar Shows Off Her Hoop Piercing

“It would probably just be so unpleasant and stressful that it isn’t worth going.”

“They might have been invited,” a third chimed in.

“However, it’d be under their circumstances. While we may see Lauren wear ripped jeans and such, she is a daughter in law and not an OG Duggar.”

Derek Makes a Point

That last remark seems to suggest that Duggar in-laws such as Josiah's wife, Lauren Swanson, are held to a less strict standard than blood relatives of Jim Bob and Michelle.

If that's really the case, perhaps the JB should treat his kids more like he in-laws.

He's already lost Jill -- and there's no telling how many others he might have lost by the time this is all over.

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