Christine Brown Forms New Partnership, Remains Desperate for Money

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Give Christine Brown some credit, okay?

This time around, upon sharing a message on Instagram, at least the veteran Sister Wives star didn't claim that Americans should watch My Little Pony in order to overcome their political divides.

She's come a long way!

Christine Brown, All Smiles

A few days after issuing this strange proclamation, however, Brown has once again raised the ire of some fans and followers.

Christine published the photo above this week, including with it a caption that reads as follows:

I adore @kendrascott jewelry! (Paired with my #lularoeclara ) YOU can save 20% off your KENDRA SCOTT purchase with a code, MESSAGE me for YOUR code.

#kendrascott #citycreekcenter #onlineshopping (#lularoeretailer)

Christine Brown Says to Calm Down

As far as we can tell, this is the first time Brown has shilled for Kendra Scott Jewelry online.

It's far from the first time that she's used her official social media page to practically beg for money, however.

In September, Christine started selling mascara as a way to pad her bank account, not long after revealing that her teenage daughter needed back surgery.

Brown asked fans to donate to her in order to assist with the medical expenses associated with this procedure last fall.

Christine Brown in a Sweater

But she also joined the platform Cameo as a way to rake in some cash herself.

All of these montetary maneuvers have come amid more and more evidence that Kody Brown really has dug his loved ones into a deep financial hole.

We now know that he owes thousands of dollars in taxes and that he continues to make multipe rent and mortgage payments on the homes he owns in Arizona.

Moreover, Kody has made no progress on the Coyote Pass property he purchased years ago in Flagstaff, turning this into a sunk cost that has forced the family to move into all the aforementioned houses.

Christine Brown and Kody Brown on Couch

TLC, meanwhile, has not yet confirmed a new season of Sister Wives.

So Christine and company can't even count on their usual salaries from that program/network, either.

It's a pretty huge mess.

Christine Brown for Christmas

Last week, meanwhile, after the U.S. Capitol was attacked by Donald Trump supporters, Christine made headlines for her unusual and naive take on the treasonous act.

"It was so hard to watch and I wish that people would just be kind, and let the democratic process that we've been fighting for happen," she wrote, adding:

"Anyway, we are watching it and I debated whether I wanted to sit with my kids and I did.

"We watched it all together, we were scared at some points, and we talked about it some more and then we flipped it to My Little Pony."

Christine Brown Looks Unsure

Okay. Fair enough.

"For some reason, the animated ponies can work together and figure things out, even though they come from two opposite sides," continued Christine.

"It was bizarre how the My Little Pony episode, if we could just all watch that, not just the leaders in America, but all of the people in America watch My Little Pony and learn from it, I'm pretty sure yesterday wouldn't have happened."

Yep. Christine believes that if people just watched My Little Pony... there would have been no uprising.

Christine Brown with a Smile

It's a cute idea.

We wish it were that simple.

Alas, however, readers.


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