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Just a few months ago, Nicole Nafziger confirmed that she was still engaged to Azan Tefou.

In fact, her Instagram read "engaged to H" for some time, referring to Azan’s real name, Hassan M’Raouni.

Now, Nicole has changed her tune and her relationship status.

The 90 Day Fiance alum has also announced her brand new career!

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Nicole and Azan’s engagement has continued well beyond when most fans imagined that it would.

First and foremost, the two faced an uphill battle to even be together, sometimes going years without seeing each other in person.

If 2020 has taught people anything, it’s that video chatting can be great, but it’s just not the same as meeing face to face.

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But there were other issues in their relationship that gave fans pause.

Be it cultural differences or not, Azan had said some very unkind things about Nicole in their first season.

As a result, many fans believed that either Azan was using Nicole by pretending to love her, or that Nicole was straight-up paying for his time and attention.

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Those were cruel rumors, as were the wild claims — for which we have never seen any evidence — that he was secretly married, to his cousin, and had children with her.

Nicole has quashed this rumor many times since it first sprang up out of the minds of bored fans.

But even those who wanted to see Nicole and Azan get their happily ever after had to wonder how long they could last in different countries.

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Nicole’s "engaged to H" blurb has been part of her bio for a while.

Some, less versed in 90 Day Fiance, were confused upon seeing it, wondering if "H" meant someone else because they did not know that Azan’s real name is Hassan.

Well … they don’t have to be confused anymore.

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Nicole’s bio now reads that she is a "mom" and a "twitch streamer," and we will explain the latter in a moment.

Nowhere does it say that she is engaged — not to H, to A, to Hassan, to Azan, or anything of the sort.

She and Azan still follow each other, but … that’s about it. She is no longer proclaiming her engagement to the world.

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We also mentioned that she is now a Twitch streamer.

Her videos on Twitch have already racked up hundreds of views even though she is very new at this — being famous before you launch your Twitch career helps.

Nicole’s goal is to be a Twitch streamer full time. There are people who do this very successfully, becoming Twitch partners and supporting themselves and their families.

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Twitch is a streaming platform for video games, where people can share with their friends — or with massive global audiences — a livestream of their video game progress, along with commentary.

Some streamers are a little like comedians. Others also work as game journalists. And some just operate as thirst traps, though Twitch has sadly become stricter about how much bare skin streamers can show.

We don’t yet know Nicole’s style of streaming, but as you can see from the screenshot of her profile above, she is already streaming some of the most popular games. Check out Nicole’s Twitch profile here.

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Is it possible that she had other reasons for removing her engagement from her profile, and that the two of them are still engaged? Sure, it’s possible.

Maybe she wants to keep the engagement more private. Maybe for her brand as a Twitch streamer, she doesn’t want to constantly remind fans that she’s engaged.

Sadly, being up front about one’s relationship can hurt Twitch streaming viewership, so a lot of women keep their men in the background. We look forward to Nicole clarifying things more in the future.