Amber Portwood on Teen Mom Cast: We're Not Really Friends Anymore!

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Remember how all the Teen Mom girls used to be good friends?

Yeah, looks like that's not really a thing anymore.

Maci, Catelynn, Amber, and Cheyenne

For a while there, the entire cast of both shows used to get along -- it's hard to imagine with all the little feuds that have popped up since then, but in the early days, everyone seemed pretty close.

In the first few seasons of Teen Mom OG and Teen Mom 2, the whole cast would appear together at reunions and for various promotional events.

Slowly, that all started falling apart.

Farrah Abraham became enemies with the rest of the OG cast, and Jenelle Evans took that role for Teen Mom 2.

Teen Mom OG Cast in 2020

But while more issues kept coming for the Teen Mom 2 crew -- the feud between Kailyn Lowry and Briana DeJesus, Chelsea Houska's distancing from everyone -- the OG girls all appeared to be good with each other after Farrah was fired.

Catelynn Lowell, Maci Bookout, and Amber Portwood were especially close, and they've since welcomed newer cast members Cheyenne Floyd and Mackenzie McKee with open arms.

Unfortunately, it looks like all that talk of friendship may have been a lie.

OK, so last week, Catelynn did an interview with Us Weekly to promote the new season of Teen Mom OG, and during the interview, she spoke about the miscarriage she had back in November.

Catelynn on Season 9

While talking about it, she mentioned that "Cheyenne is the only one that ever reached out to me," meaning, of course, that Amber, Maci, and Mackenzie didn't check on her after she shared that devastating news.

Cate admitted that it did "bug" her that most of her costars didn't get in touch with her because "I feel like I reach out to them a lot when they're going through things."

"I try to be there," she said, "but I also have to have that mindset that everybody is not going to do what I would do."

It sounds like it genuinely bothered her, not hearing from the other girls, but according to a new interview with Amber and Maci, she wasn't quite telling the truth.

Catelynn Lowell With Purple Hair

Amber and Maci, also speaking with Us Weekly, were asked about Catelynn's miscarriage, and they definitely had some things to say about it

Maci began by explaining that "It's so hard to watch the show and see the other girls when they're really dealing with a tough struggle and not living -- like we all live in different states, so it's like watching your sister go through something really hard and you kind of feel helpless because you can't just drive down the road and have a sleepover like you would with an actual sister who lives close by."

"That part sucks, it's always sucked about the show."

Maci Bookout in a Tanktop

"One thing is," Amber interjected, "I had spoken to Cate actually -- I just talked to her a couple of days ago about this because I had seen an article that she did, saying that Cheyenne was the only one that reached out to her and things like that."

"I don't look up on social media or media about anybody on this show for good reason," she continued. "You know why we do that."

"I didn't even know about what had happened until we were actually on the phone a couple of months ago. And I guess she forgot a little bit about that, which is OK."

She said that she loved Catelynn and repeated that it was OK that she forgot about their phone call, but that "I'm setting that record straight though right there."

Amber Portwood's Latest Selfie

"We talked about it and it was pretty heartbreaking, hearing about it over the phone and not knowing because beforehand, I would know. It would have been something that would have been more open."

She explained that "It's just hard" because "we're not as connected as we used to be, and to sit there and know that your costars are you're hurt ..."

"It's tough," Maci agreed.

Amber said that because of the pandemic, it's been hard to be there for each other because they live so far apart from each other.

Amber Portwood Gives an Interview

Which is kind of a weird thing to say because they've always lived far apart from each other, and, you know, phones exist.

They were asked about that next, if they'd been keeping in touch even though they hadn't been able to meet in person for a while.

Maci kind of answered the question by saying that they'd all been "in our own little bubbles" because of work and travel restrictions, but Amber was more direct.

"It's like we don't even know what's going on really in each other's lives," she said, "and we're going through so much in our own lives that ... it's like forgetting."

Amber Portwood Near Tears

"It's like when you grow up as a sibling, and you kind of grow apart but you still love each other. It feels like that happened in one year."

Hopefully this conversation makes them realize that if they miss talking to each other, they can just, like, talk to each other.

It's honestly kind of bizarre that they haven't realized that yet.

Do you think the Teen Mom crew is as close as they think they are?

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