Catelynn Lowell: I Was Pregnant But I Had Another Miscarriage!

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Catelynn Lowell has always been a Teen Mom favorite for a reason.

She's just been through so, so much in her life, you really can't help but root for her.

Starting from her very first TV appearance on 16 and Pregnant, fans have watched her deal with a remarkably difficult home life, and we've seen her make the incredibly selfless decision to place her first child for adoption.

We've watched her grow so much over the years, haven't we?

That may be why it's especially sad to hear such awful news like this ...

1. Some History

Some History
OK, so Catelynn has been with Tyler Baltierra since they were in middle school, and they share two children, five-year-old Nova and one-year-old Vaeda.

2. Plus Carly

Plus Carly
And of course they had another child together when they were teenagers, a little girl named Carly, but they placed her for adoption.

3. Oh No

Oh No
If you keep up with Teen Mom news, then you'll remember that back in 2017, Catelynn was expecting another child, but unfortunately she suffered a miscarriage.

4. Poor Cate

Poor Cate
She'd been struggling with her mental health for a good few years at that point, and the miscarriage seemed to be the straw that broke the camels back -- she said that she became extremely depressed and even began contemplating suicide.

5. Tough Call

Tough Call
She and Tyler decided it would be best for her to travel to an inpatient treatment center in Arizona so that she could get some help -- she'd gone to the same facility the year before to get help with her depression.

6. Getting Help

Getting Help
She stayed for six weeks of treatment, then came home, and just a few weeks later she made the decision to go back to Arizona for another six weeks so that she could get more help.

7. Makes Sense

Makes Sense
That was a choice that Tyler really struggled with -- he asked her to try therapy or at least an inpatient facility closer to home, but she insisted on going back to Arizona.

8. Rough Times

Rough Times
She returned home for good in March of 2018, and when she got back, her marriage was not doing so well.

9. Making an Effort

Making an Effort
They tried going on a couples retreat, they tried couples therapy, and at one point they even separated for a while.

10. Wow

But in the middle of all of those struggles, Catelynn became pregnant again, and in February of 2019 she gave birth to baby Vaeda.

11. Stronger Than Ever?

Stronger Than Ever?
By that point, she and Tyler had agreed to stay together, and it seemed like the baby made them feel even closer to one another.

12. Cool

And ever since then, they've seemed to just be loving life as a family of four.

13. Big News

Big News
But as Catelynn revealed in a brand new interview, last month she found out that she was pregnant again.

14. Lots of Excitement

Lots of Excitement
“About 3 days before Thanksgiving we found out we were expecting," she explained. "We were soooo excited! We didn’t tell Nova because we wanted to wait a while.”

15. Making Sure

Making Sure
“I took like 6 different pregnancy tests to make sure!" she added.

16. Taking a Turn

Taking a Turn
She continued her story with “On Thanksgiving 2020 I started bleeding. No matter what, I believe that when a woman sees a positive test you automatically start getting excited… all of that came crashing down.”

17. Terrible News

Terrible News
“We lost the baby,” she said. “I was overwhelmed by sadness and felt my emotions.”

18. Scary

After hearing that awful news, and after what happened during her previous miscarriage, it's concerning, right? How is she handling the loss?

19. Thank Goodness

Thank Goodness
It sounds like her coping skills have greatly improved in the past few years -- she said that “I can tell that the mental health work I’ve done has had a huge impact because I wasn’t overcome by anxiety but I was just sad."

20. Tragic

“It was super early but like I said before it still hurts and all the excitement goes out the window. This is why we waited to tell Nova…. because experiencing one miscarriage in my past I knew it was a sad possibility.”

21. Again, Poor Cate

Again, Poor Cate
“I know that when the time it right it will happen and everything in life has a plan and a destiny," she continued. "Now we have two beautiful angels watching over us and our children.”

22. Ouch

“One day I know I will witness those angels and get to spend eternity with them,” she said. "Until then I pray they watch over their siblings and us.”

23. A Message

A Message
She also had a message for anyone else who has ever been through a miscarriage, saying “If you are going through something similar or have in the past….. You are not alone I feel you and the pain… We are strong and we will move past this but never forgetting only getting stronger.”

24. So Sad

So Sad
She shared the interview on social media, and with it she also shared this written statement.

25. Heartbroken

"I WAS Pregnant and excited to share it with all of you and I am heartbroken to reveal that I lost the baby," she wrote.

26. Not Alone

Not Alone
"I am sharing this to let you know you are not alone," she continued. "We are all in this together and everyone experiences pain, loss, and the recovery from it."

27. In the Thick of It

In the Thick of It
"I am still in the thick of dealing with this loss as it was recent and all the emotional trauma that follows such a loss in an already horrifically hard year."

28. So Sweet

So Sweet
To her followers, she wrote "Thank you in advance for your prayers, love, and support. Know that I’m there for you and care as much as you guys are there to support me."

29. In This Together

In This Together
"I opened up about this only to help those who are experiencing the same thing to know that there’s someone else every day experiencing this."

30. Standing Together

Standing Together
She finished this statement with "This was painful to share... but again, you’re not alone."

31. Here's Hoping!

Here's Hoping!
Hopefully Catelynn really is coping as well with this miscarriage as she says she is, and hopefully she continues to work through her grief. We wish her and her family nothing but the best!

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