Victoria Larson Gets Body-Shamed By Matt James' Friends, Claps Back in Queenly Fashion

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Okay, obviously "Queen" Victoria Larson is not the most popular contestant on Matt James' season of the Bachelor here in 2021.

In fact, her behavior has been so outrageous that some fans wondered if it was somewhat contrived. Or all the way contrived.

Yes, it's prompted rumors that Victoria is a paid actress planted by the producers to help liven up this season's proceedings.

Victoria Larson, Matt James

We don't know about that, but there's no denying that Larson has assumed the "villain" role as eagerly as anyone else in the history of Bachelor Nation.

So she's certainly earned some of the criticism that's coming her way these days.

But the latest shots fired at Victoria have to do with her appearance, and that sort of trash talk is never acceptable.

To make matters worse, the remarks come from friends of Matt James himself, and he has not yet spoken out against their behavior.

In the video above, we see Matt enjoying a golf outing with some pals.

The guys are ribbing James in an attempt to psych him out on the putting green.

It's all innocent enough, until the guy identified as "Jerry" decides to bring up the topic of Victoria.

Matt James is Sad

"Now how was Victoria's body?" Jerry asks Matt.

"'Cause when I look at her, it doesn't look very nice … and you've been making out with this woman," he adds.

Yes, this was a conversation that actually happened. And needless to say, the comments were repugnant.

Victoria Larson on Facebook

But to her credit, it seems that Victoria was not terribly bothered by this unprovoked trash talk from a total stranger.

"Cute.... I love my body," she commented on the post.

Seems like she means it, too. Victoria later shared a photo of herself in a black bikini with a caption reading:

Victoria Larson In a Bikini

"Y’all r too much body by @naturalpilates & @carriespilatesplus."

Matt has yet to comment on the controversy, but the longer he stays quiet, the more fans he's losing on Instagram.

"Matt’s friend/caddy tries to get in his head by throwing shade at Victoria, while everyone laughs," reads a caption by the Bachelor Nation Scoop Instagram page that first called attention to the video.

Matt James is Sad

"Not a fan of Victoria’s behavior this season but no women deserves to have their looks disrespected like this."

"If you respect women, don’t laugh when a guy criticizes their looks, or at least tell him to stop, and don’t Post it for god’s sakes," one person commented on the post.

"This is mean. No class."

Queen Victoria Wears Her Crown

A commenter who goes by the name "renee_pitchford" took the opportunity to point out some troubling hypocrisy from both Matt and his best friend Tyler Cameron, who was also on the golf course that day.

Renee writes:

"Bottom Line: this casual conversation on the golf course slamming Victoria’s appearance is disrespectful and unbecoming of a man who accepted the role of having his every move analyzed."

Victoria Larson Instagram Pic

"Regardless of how she has acted or been portrayed on the show, these comments are rude," she went on.

"And no one...not even Tyler who expects us to believe we 'deserve better' and purchase his book about that topic stepped in to redirect the conversation."

"This was the 16th hole. Leaves one to imagine what the conversations had been throughout the day."

FYI: This is the body these ass clowns are criticizing.

Queen Victoria Bachelor

As for Victoria, she's been receiving some of the harshest criticism in Bachelor history, but she appears to be taking it in stride.

"I wasn't really prepared for that at all. A hundred percent, it was shocking," Victoria said during an appearance on Good Morning America this week.

"I anticipated being well received, so to get the bullying messages and the hate mail and the death threats?"

Victoria Larson The Bachelor

"I don't think my kindness really got to show through and I really do have a good heart."

What to make of all that? Who's to say at this point. Perhaps Victoria is playing a part.

Or maybe her depiction on the show is completely accurate. Or somewhere in between.

Victoria Larson on The Bachelor

Whatever the case, cruel comments about her physique should not be tolerated in any context.

Your move, Matt.

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