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To each her own, right?

Saffire Matos with Ronnie

Just over a month since Saffire Matos went public with boyfriend Ronnie Ortiz-Magro, the eyelash technician basically told the world that she was preparing for a proposal.

Is Ronnie really that serious about his relatively new lover?

We can’t speak for him at the moment.

But the veteran Jersey Shore cast member shared a video on his Instagram Stories page this week of himself working out.

“This girl keeps looking at me in the gym, should I talk to her?!” the 35-year-old joked as a caption.

In the next slide, he reposted Saffire’s clip, as she wrote "future hubby" and Ronnie chimed in as follows:

“I told you she kept looking at me."

Sounds like true love, doesn’t it?

Saffire Matos

The father of one — who shares daughter Ariana Sky Margo with violent ex Jen Harley — went social media official with his latest girlfriend in late October.

"BearCations!!!!" the Jersey Shore: Family Vacation star wrote as a simple and kind of confusing caption to the photo immediately above.

We later learned that Matos is a certified eyelash technician in Staten Island and New York City.

She keeps her Instagram account private… she’s of Italian and Cuban heritage… and she appears to have questionable taste in men.

Ronnie Ortiz-Magro Rocks a Mask
Photo via Instagram

But she also appears to be changing Ronnie for the better.

“We’re so excited and so proud to see this version of Ronnie,” Mike Sorrentino told Us Weekly while promoting the fourth season of Jersey Shore: Family Vacation, adding:

"We call it ‘stable Ronnie.’ It’s good to see a happy, funny Ronnie on TV because [he’s] tons of fun.”

Ronnie, of course, had been anything but joyful during his relationship with Harley.

Ronnie Magro In Quarantine
Photo via Instagram

At various times in their romance, both halves of this former couple were arrested for allegedly assaulting the other.

Heck, Ronnie was taken into custody last October after reportedly holding Jen at knifepoint and then swiping the pair’s daughter out of her hands.

Police arrived on the scene and had to subdue Ronnie with a taser prior to taking him into custody.

Yikes, right?!?

Ronnie on Zoom

But that was then.

And now Saffire Matos is dating Magro-Ortiz, much to the sheer happiness of his friends.

“I’m happy [that] he’s happy," Vinny Guadagnino said in November.

"That man has definitely turned his life around. And that’s the biggest highlight of this next season is Ronnie was, like, present and there.

"That man showed up. … We’ve seen Ronnie go through a lot of struggles.”