Maci Bookout: Hell YES, I'm Keeping Bentley Away From Ryan Edwards!

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The Teen Mom world has given us many, many dysfunctional couples over the years.

It's a good thing when those couples break up, but it's always an ugly situation when they go on to become horrible platonic co-parents.

Maci, Bentley, Ryan

Take Maci Bookout and Ryan Edwards, for example.

This relationship was messy from the beginning, it got uglier after Maci and Ryan split, and somehow, it's even worse now that they're both married to other people.

Last week, we reported on a surprising allegation from Ryan Edwards' father, Larry.

Larry Edwards, Jen Edwards

Larry says that Maci is preventing Ryan from seeing his son, 11-year-old Bentley.

“Bentley right now, we can’t even see him, they’re not even allowed to see him. It is what it is," Larry told UK tabloid The Sun.

“We’re going to Bentley’s wrestling match Saturday if it doesn’t get canceled because of Covid," he added.

Ryan Edwards With His Family

Larry and his wife Jen have not revealed whether they were able to attend Bentley's match, or whether it was called of as a result of the pandemic.

(Given the rise in cases nationwide, it was most likely the latter.)

As for what caused Maci to take such a drastic step, Larry didn't go into details, but he did reveal that the decision was made recently.

Maci Bookout with Bentley

“Their relationship hasn’t been going well. It’s not any better. Something came up that she wanted and needed," he said.

"Ryan wasn’t going to comply with everything she wants and needs and we’ve been shut down.”

Given the number of times Ryan has been arrested, and his seemingly ongoing issues with substance abuse, it seems unlikely that any family court judge would forbid Maci to keep her son away from his father.

Maci Bookout, Bentley 2020

In the past, she's stated that she has no intention of doing so, and that she very much wants Bentley to have a relationship with his father.

Clearly, something happened in the past few weeks, and unless Teen Mom: OG was filming at the time, we might never find out what it was.

Maci has yet to comment on the situation, but she did offer an update on her family situation last week.

The Bookouts on Thanksgiving

And it seems that the Bookout-McKinney family is happier than ever without Ryan in their lives.

Maci posted the photo above after Thanksgiving, and it certainly doesn't look as though Ryan and his wife, Mackenzie Standifer, were terribly missed.

In fact, as many commenters have pointed out, it looks as though Bentley is happier than ever.

Teen Mom OG viewers might feel that they haven't seen the boy smiling like that in quite some time -- at least not in Ryan's presence.

Fans were shocked last season to see Ryan bully Bentley over everything from his golf game to his troubles with girls.

Maybe the situation got bad enough that Maci decided she didn't need a reason to cut off contact with Ryan.

Whatever the case, we're sure she has Bentley's best interests at heart.

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