Leah Messer: Sober, Healthy, and Happier Than Ever In New Pics!

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In recent months, Leah Messer has gained new respect from Teen Mom 2 fans.

Once mocked for her poor decisions and tendency to attract drama, Leah is now regarded as a success story -- a confident and capable mom who survived a childhood that would've broken most people.

Leah Messer on a Mountain

Of course, Leah didn't always seem destined for a happy ending.

In fact, there was a time when it seemed that Teen Mom camera crews might be unknowingly documenting a tragedy in the making.

In the years following the birth of her third daughter, Leah suffered from an opioid addiction.

Leah Messer Is Struggling

Several of her rock bottom moments were caught on camera, including the shocking TM2 scene in which Leah passed out while holding a baby.

Earlier this year, Leah published a memoir in which she spoke in detail for the first time about her traumatic childhood and her battle with substance abuse.

Her candor came as a surprise to many viewers, as for a long time, Messer denied ever using drugs.

Leah Before and After

These days, she's much more open about her struggles, and she posted this collage of photos as a reminder of the tremendous toll that addiction took on her life.

Fortunately, she followed that up with some wonderful pics of her new self, and her happy new life.

And the response from fans couldn't have been more encouraging.

Leah Messer and Dog

“My Sunday will consist of finally putting this new Fall mulch down in hopes it saves me in the Spring," Messer captioned the photos.

"Do you guys have any tips or tricks that will help a girl out!? I know, it’s about darn time.”

But fans didn't have much interest in Leah's mulch.

Leah In Her Yard

Instead, they wanted to talk about her appearance.

Too often, when a celebrity's selfies attract this much attention, it's for all the wrong reasons.

But the response to Leah's pics was overwhelmingly positive.

Leah Messer Screams

"This is the best version of Leah we’ve ever seen! You look incredibly happy! Happy Sunday to you pretty lady,” wrote one commenter.

“Um. You’re legit getting better looking with age!" another added.

“Everything about these photos are perfect. The hair, makeup, clothes, and that smile!!!” a third chimed in.

Leah Messer in the Woods

“You look amazing. Gorgeous, happy, healthy,” added a fourth well-wisher.

We're sure Leah greatly appreciated the positive feedback, as it couldn't have been easy to open up about her life the way she has recently.

In addition to her struggles with addiction, Leah revealed that she lost her virginity at 13, and the adults in her life were often negligent or abusive toward her.

Leah With Ali

As for her personal life, these days, Leah says she isn't dating anyone, but it seems she's perfectly happy being single.

She has her kids, her health, and her lucrative MTV career.

Finally, for Leah Messer, life is good.

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