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Just over a month ago, Jorge Nava announced that he’s going to become a father with his new lady love.

But the soon-to-be father has some fans worried with his latest photo.

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Jorge gained a tremendous amount of attention for his dramatic weight loss behind bars.

128 is a lot of pounds to shed in under two years of incarceration, and he managed it through a combination of regular exercise and a lack of control over the menu.

Despite the initial praise that he received, his latest pic has fans concerned over his health.

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Though Jorge clearly snapped this selfie himself, he is not the one who shared the photo on Instagram.

It was @90daythemelanatedway, a 90 Day Fiance blogger who posted the pic.

"Oh, hey Jorge," the Instagram blogger captioned the post.

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The caption may have been flattering, but fan responses have been wildly mixed.

Obviously, Jorge received the usual accolades for his weight loss, with some fans describing him as basically unrecognizable … meant as a compliment.

But others are looking at him and expressing real concern.

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“He looks unwell," one commenter observed. "Hope he’s okay."

“I don’t mean this in a bad way at all,” remarked another fan, “he doesn’t look healthy."

That same follower continued: "It’s one thing to lose weight but there’s something about this look."

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Another commenter shared that Jorge “looks like a totally different person."

Meanwhile, another 90 Day Fiance enthusiast observed that, these days, Jorge is “looking like G Eazy.”

Whether that’s a compliment or an insult is in the eye of the beholder, but I have to say … I can see the resemblance.

G-Eazy Image

Not evveryone saw things the same way.

One person countered that Jorge is "actually finally healthy," striking an … interesting tone with their word choice there.

"When he was fat, they said s–t," another commenter observed. "Now that he is skinny, they’re saying s–t too."

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So … is Jorge healthier now or worse off?

It’s no secret that Jorge used to be a heavier guy — by over 100 pounds, in fact.

There is plenty of documentation of the potential health effects of weighing more, as it can place more strain upon the cardiovascular system in some individuals.

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Of course, it has become increasingly apparent in recent decades that weight and health are not synonymous.

There are extremely healthy people with large bodies and supremely unhealthy people who look slender and are praised for meeting our society’s beauty standards.

Rapid weight loss can be worse for one’s health than holding that weight in the first place. That said, Jorge’s health is anyone’s guess, but no one’s business but his.

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If Jorge looks "old" or "tired," it is because he has excess skin remaining from his weight loss.

Skin is an elastic organ, but it cannot always keep pace with gains and losses in weight, resulting in phenomena like stretch marks and loose folds of skin.

In many case, those who rapidly lose weight find that they require plastic surgery to remove unwanted and now unflattering skin from their torsos — a sick joke for those who struggled for years to shed pounds to meet our society’s aesthetic demands. No matter what, we wish Jorge the best.